Choir Assignment – Writing Exam #4


In order to help develop our writing skills, we will write throughout the year. While using proper grammar, spelling and format, use the following prompt to construct a paragraph. Remember that a paragraph consists of at least 5 sentences (topic sentence, 3 or 4 supporting sentences, and a summary sentence).

We are all unique individuals with traits that both strengthen and challenge us. It is through these personality characteristics that we develop the type of adult we will be and probably the career path we will follow.

PROMPT: Pick a musical term that best describes your personality and explain how you think this trait might influence your future for either better or worse.

*** Examples might include: Legato (Smooth and Gentle), Staccato (Short and Sharp), Accelerando (Quick and On the move), Largo (Slow and Predictable), Syncopated (Random and Offbeat), Marcato (Strong and Aggressive). Other options are on the "Word Wall" in the classroom.


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