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Brazoswood HS Choir and AFROTC
Tamale/Salsa Fundraiser


Products Provided By

The Brazoria County Famous

Rosa Ramirez Tamales

Sasha's Salsa

Start Day: October 18, 2013
Orders Due: November 5, 2013


Salsa Delivery Date: November 18, 2013

Tamale Delivery Date: November 19, 2013

Cost $9.00 per dozen for Tamales
Cost $8.00 per quart for Salsa

40% profit

Collect money with order!!!

Delivered Fresh
Order Forms In Choir Room

Rosa Ramirez Tamales

(979) 798-9637

Ramirez Tamales started in the kitchen of our home to help raise funds for Project Graduation and to buy cheerleader uniforms. When the youngest, graduated high school the sponsor went into a panic in fear that their favorite fundraiser was not going to be available. Rosa Ramirez continued to help the organizations as a hobby, but this hobby started to grow as word spread to other school and organizations about this great fund raising activity.

Ramirez Tamales is a registered business and up to all county health codes.

Sweeny ISD
St Michael’s Church (Lake Jackson) Dance Team
Conoco Phillips
Youth Group
Brazosport ISD
Angleton ISD
Baseball group

Tamale description:
These tamales are typical of the Northwestern Region of Mexico. These treats consist of corn doe (Maza) spread on a cornhusk, filled with seasoned meat, rolled then steamed for individual wrapped treats. The Tamales are packaged by the dozen in Ziploc freezer bags. At delivery they are steaming hot packed in Ice chest to keep them fresh.

Tamale options
Pork Shoulder
Spicy Pork Shoulder
Chicken (dark meat)
Spicy Chicken (dark meat)


Sasha's Salsa

(979) 236-5729

Recognized all over Brazoria County as an outstanding provider of the best Salsa available. Sasha's Salsa have developed a loyal following throughout our local community. With a variety of flavors and products available, this local business is recognized as a community leader in helping groups with fundraising projects. Over the years, the Brazoswood Choirs have trusted our Fall fundraising to this outstanding product.