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Robert Ellis
Houston Area
Country/Western Composer and Singer
Brazoswood Choir Member

From Houston Review of his debut album:

Robert Ellis is the consummate Country and Western singer songwriter. In the past two years, he has achieved more than many aspire for in a lifetime.

After releasing his critically acclaimed debut album The Great Re-Arranger, Ellis has built a rabidly loyal fan base, received rave reviews throughout the country, and built a concrete reputation for impeccable live performances.

This nascent artist is the rare example of masterful technical prowess and utterly genuine heart and soul. His song craft is both irrefutably Country while transcendent enough to have appeal outside of any specific genre.

Ellis is currently in production for his much-anticipated follow up album.

Debut Album Tracks
Mp3 Format

Changin' Man

Good Intentions

Where'd You Go

Foolish Blues

Train Roll On

One More Stop

Givin' In

I'm So Lost


This House