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Watch This Wonderful Singer

Please watch these two videos and listen to the words this young man has to say about the influence of music in his life. We sing because it gives us the opportunity to express the meaningful thoughts that are inside each of us. Music can give voice to emotions that words cannot fully capture. For this cell phone salesman, music is the way he deals with his daily struggles and how he faced the challenges of school. It gives him strength and hope. The first video is from his first local audition and the second is from the semi-finals. He did win the competition. Never be afraid to follow your dreams or take a chance on the the things you love most. The Welsh people are great singers. Every town will have choirs of all types. Their civic pride comes from the quality of their singing. It is not unusual for city funds to build an opera house in a small town long before an athletic field. Most cities will host a festival where the entire town will turn out to sing major works such as Handel's Messiah. The choir will be "the city". There are week long festivals that are televised nationally to find the best choir in the country. Everybody sings!