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Brazoswood Voice Lessons

We are so proud of the students at Brazoswood. Your participation in these wonderful voice lessons will enhance your vocal abilites in ways you cannot imagine. The most important thing to remember is that private voice is a responsibility. You are registered for a time slot that is your opportunity to learn. You must always be prepared and on time. As the teachers assign music for you to learn, we will try to help with learning CDs also.

It is up to you to follow through with preparation BEFORE each lesson. The best use of your time is for the teacher to help you refine your abilities not just teach you notes. Voice lessons require effort for maximum benefit. In order to improve, you must listen to their instructions and actually do what they tell you.

Think of the voice teachers as your vocal doctor. When you go to a medical doctor, you pay your money so that the doctor will help you. When the doctor tells you to do certain things, you do it because you want to get better. If you do not follow the doctor's instructions, you will still have the same problem the next time you see them. Follow the vocal instructor's teaching in the same manner. If they give you an exercise to learn or something to prepare, have it ready for your next lesson!

There is no such thing as a magic phrase that will make you the perfect singer. Hard work and attention to the instructions you are given will insure your success. Remember that practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Work hard and honor the opportunity you are being given.

Finally, please remember to say, "THANK YOU" to your parents for allowing you to study. Your parents are wonderful people. They are doing something special for you. Honor their gift with your hard work.

Thanks for learning,
Mr. Few, Mr. Broom, Mrs. Connell

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To all voice students:

Please bring your payment for September ($45) to your first lesson. Make all checks payable to your instructor.

Lessons will began September 12-14.

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