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High School Choir - UIL

MAY 3, 2008

Since almost everyone generally duplicated most of the the names on both of their submitted lists for Concert and SR, I have combined all of the names found on both. If we are able to select and hire six quality judges, we can discuss the final panel formation at the region meeting.

2009 High School UIL Judges
Please choose 10 High School UIL judges.
Vote only once.

Amy Allibon
Allen Andrews
Carroll Barnes
Frank Bennett
Julie Birkner
Dennis Boyter
Judy Boyter
Carl Braden
Diane Brumley
Tommy Butler
Marsha Carlisle
Glenda Casey
Marian Cates
Edie Cooksey
Karla Cruz
Joan Davis
Michael Dean
Danny Detrick
Keith Dixon
Deidre Douglas
Jason Dove (Provisional)
Denise Eaton
Paula Edwards
Pam Elam
Brett Farr
Kathy French
Kathy Hackett
Sam Harris
John Hemmenway
Nora Henson
Gene Holkup
Scott Houston
Aaron Hufty (Provisional)
Dianna Jarvis
Jan Juneau
Sharon King
Nora Klier
Anita Ladd
Gail Land
Amy Lewis
Michael Linder
Grace Littlefield
Judy McEnany
Stan McGill
Dinah Menger
Debra Moses
Michael O Hern
Heather Orr
Alicia Owens
Tammy Patterson
Sharon Paul
Lindy Perez
Barbara Perkins
Michael Petrisky
Kelly Pfaffenberger
Judy Putney
Eddie Quaid
Jeff Rice
Dennis Richardson
Betty Roe
Florence Scattergood
Sally Schott
Woody Schrober
Jo Scurlock-Dillard
Kay Sherrill
Gloria Stephens
Robert Stovall
Barry Talley
Billy Talley
Randy Talley
Irma Taute
Neena Taylor
Crystal Townzen
Tim Vaughn
Elizabeth Volk
Sandra Walker
Sampy Wall
Michael Ware
Joe Weir
Cheryl Wilson
Jennifer Zaccagni

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