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HS Fall
Region Meeting
August 18, 2007

Listed below is a review of our Region meeting and copies of all documentation and region handbook information

On a personal note, I would like to thank you for the wonderful card I received from Beth on Saturday. I appreciate your kind words and gift certificate. I want you to know that I am very honored to have the opportunity to work for our region. I know that our achievements are not because of the efforts of an individual but rather because we work together to help all of our students. We each contribute our knowledge and experience for the unselfish benefit of all. You are a wonderful group of professionals who truly care about the members of our Region. While we could have chosen to build little divisive kingdoms, we instead have treated each other with a spirit of learning and camaraderie. I hope that we continue to grow together and share with our students the love we share for music.


Region Handbook and Documentation

CLICK HERE - Page 00 to Page 19 PDF of Handbook 07-08
CLICK HERE - Page 20 to Page 41 PDF of Handbook 07-08
CLICK HERE - Page 42 to Page 57 PDF of Handbook 07-08
CLICK HERE - Page 58 to Page 78 PDF of Handbook 07-08
CLICK HERE - Page 79 to Page 114 PDF of Handbook 07-08

Region 17 Updates

The vocal membership of Region 17 met on August 18th, 2007. After a general session each division retired to a meeting for the discussion of topics specific to their area.

The vocal division met briefly as a unit before adjourning to HS and JH meetings. During the high school meeting, directors received copies of the region handbook and also completed a demographics form so that the “Judge Wranglers” can begin the process of organizing panels for the District audition.

During the meeting, the handbook was reviewed and various topics were studied and modified to best fit the current needs of Region 17. Since the time of the meeting, the chair has revised the handbook to include all alterations and updates.

Listed below are the pages that were changed or added since the original publication of the handbook. It would be beneficial for members to review the listed changes and print replacement pages for their own handbook copies.

In all cases of conflict between the printed handbook and subsequent updates provided online. The web version will be considered as ruling since it is the most recent update.

As an extension of our discussions, we are very appreciative of the Clear Creek high school directors for their offer to work as judge wranglers. Our goal will also be to pay the judges at the time of the actual audition. The development of a stable judging list will be key in the process but we are certainly willing to try.


Table of Contents – References original printing and has not been updated.

Page 9 – Changed from blank to a full size version of the vocal event calendar.

Page 19 – Changed from blank to an update page that discusses the alterations to the audition process originally approved in the Fall of 2006. Among the changes is the removal of sight-reading from the Region level of auditions and the alteration of the District level of auditions to a Region Ensemble qualification event for the Women’s sections. This will allow the selected ladies to automatically choose participation in the Treble choir without the additional Region level of auditions. Students wishing to continue in the All-State track will audition at Region. Additionally, the numbers of students selected in the women’s section were modified to encourage participation and to augment the size of the Treble Choir.

Page 25 – Altered to reflect literature chosen for Region Choir performance.

Page 29 – Changed from blank to a page recognizing the TMEA Honor choirs for this year. This includes Friendswood High School from Region 17.

Page 38 – Needs to be altered to reflect the change that both Chichester Mvt.1 and Chichester Mvt.3 have been added to the Region Choir Clinic performance.

Page 39 – Changed from blank to an informational page from the TCDA website update. It includes a listing of clinicians and UIL judges for the upcoming year.

Page 44 – Region Choir Information changed to reflect the updated concert literature and specific numbers selected for the mixed choir.

Page 45 – Ensemble numbers altered to reflect the extended discussion and vote to change the method for the selection of the Region Treble Choir. The ensemble size was also changed. The basics of the change are that the Treble choir will be selected from the District level of auditions. In brief, we will select a total of 56 ladies from each voice part at District. These ladies are now qualified as participants in the Region Choir. If they wish, they may accept automatic participation in the Treble choir or choose to continue the All-State track of auditions in hopes of being selected for the Mixed region choir. (As a chairman’s note, I suggest that we may want to slightly alter the numbers taken to better match the number of men selected or certified at the District level. We will review the issue at the close of District registration).

Page 48 – Region Choir page altered to reflect a change of location for the Saturday Region Choir clinic. After a discussion of the cost and requirements for performance of music selected for the Region Clinic. It was decided that the location would be changed to Park Place Baptist so that a pipe organ would be available. Rental of an instrument was discussed but the over $2,000 cost was deemed excessive. While there will be a rental cost for the use of the church, we hope that it will be offset by the savings from last year’s piano rental cost.

Page 49 – Honor choir format page was updated to reflect actual practice. With the reformation of Region 17, it was discovered that more students per school could be included in the Honor ensemble. What was handwritten in the handbook is now typed and clarified.

Page 55 – Was blank and now contains a map, address and picture of the new Region Concert location at Park Place Baptist in the Houston area.

Page 56 – Clarified to reflect current region literature choices. Spelling error corrected.

Page 79 – Changed from blank to a screen shot of the home page. This is the address used by our parent organization. This is also the best location for updates about the state level audition process and it is the location of all audition entry. TMEA is in the process of updating the entry format to reflect better database usage. New forms will soon be posted on the site and students will now be required to register using their school student ID number. Watch the site for more info.

Page 80-109 – Is the audition process manual as published by TMEA. It contains all of the rules and structures for auditions in Texas. As a director, you are required to review the audition rules and discuss the ethical and ruling framework of auditions in TMEA. As you read through the sections, you will notice that there have been several clarifications and updates. In most cases, the changes were designed to reflect current practice.

Page 110 – Contains UIL information that includes judges hired and assigned at TCDA. A concern has been raised that we should consider hiring our next UIL judges as soon a possible. With the May31st spring meeting date, the membership is worried that the best judges will already be hired by that time. We will need to wait until contest dates can be potentially set before hiring.

Page 114 – Contains the roster update form. Please be sure you have submitted this information to us as soon as possible.

JH Activities
Region Entry Deadline - October 2, 2007

All region entry forms are NEW this year. Trash the examples that are in the Region JR Choir Handbook.

The JR Region Choir Entry information is now available and you may begin entering your students at Take some time, follow the direction on the registration page and you are set. Don't wait until the last minute or it will frustrate you. I have login and reviewed the information. I think you'll find the new forms are an asset.

The student information sheet is asking for the same information that we've requested in the past. Give a copy each of your students, have them complete the information and you are ready to enter their information.

If you have any problems please give me a call at (281)284-3887 or (832)541-5059.

CLICK HERE - for the Region Invoice for the rehearsal cd's.

JH Fall
Region Meeting
August 18, 2007

Listed below are various organizational pages in PDF format.
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These documents were supplied by the JH Region organizers.

JH - Registration Information

JH - Contact Information

JH - Items to Remember

JH - Music Selection

JH - Region Audition Information

JH - Audition Instructions

JH - Region Clinic