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Region 17

September - October


Posted 10/9/06

Region Audition Instructions

October 14, 2006
Alvin High School

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The sightreading is in a closed folder. The folder is labeled “Open for Sightreading” and just flips open to the single faced sightreading example. The monitor will check that the example is on the stand and closed at the beginning of each student’s audition. The monitor will check that the folder is closed and remains in place at the end of each audition.

Each director has been provided written instructions as per TMEA on the procedure for sightreading. This information may be referenced in our Region 17 handbook on pages 90-91. As per TMEA guideline and our policy, these same sightreading instructions are also included on the back of each audition cut sheet provided to each student prior to the beginning of our audition process that morning.

Since TMEA does not want judge intervention in the audition, the audition process is as follows:

01) Student walks in.
02) Monitor Checks status of audition materials
03) Monitor verifies the readiness of the auditioning student and announces the number
04) Monitor leaves and the CD begins
05) First cut plays
06) 8 seconds of silence
07) Second Cut plays
08) 8 seconds of silence
09) Third cut plays
10) 8 seconds of silence
11) CD announces, “And now sightreading. You may open the sightreading folder.”
12) 4 second pause
13) Piano plays – DMSMDS(low)D and the beginning pitch
14) CD announces, “You may practice”
15) 30 seconds of silence
16) CD announces, “Stop”
17) CD plays, DMSMDS(low)D and the beginning pitch
18) CD announces, “You may begin”
19) CD ends


You will be instructed by a voice on the CD to look at the sight reading exercise. The CD will play the tonic triad in broken fashion (do-mi-sol-mi-do-sol-do), followed by the starting pitch. At that time, a 30-second study period shall follow. You will be allowed to tap, chant, or sing during this study period. You will not be allowed to use any tuning device or any additional materials as aid during the study period or in singing the exercise. You may not write on the exercise for any reason.

At the end of the 30-second study period, the CD will play the tonic triad again in broken fashion (do-mi-sol-mi-do-sol-do), followed by the starting pitch. You will begin immediately to sing the exercise using your preferred method of sight reading (syllables, numbers, neutral syllables, or any combination). No additional study time is allowed.

If you start and stop over, the judges will judge you on what was your first attempt through the point where you stopped. The judges will resume judging with any new material you attempt for the first time. You will have only one chance to sing the exercise unless there is mechanical failure with the CD player.

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