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Brazoswood Choir Officers

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Nothing But Nets

For two days the Brazoswood choir officers participated in a lunch time collection for this worthy charity. Their efforts were greatly rewarded by the kindness of the students of Brazoswood. Through generous contributions, the officers collected $230.00 from the students.

This impressive donation has been added to the their previous collection efforts of $295.00 from donations to the website listed below. This contribution would be a wonderful testimony in itself but there is more to this story.

The Bill and Melinda Gates organization has agreed to double anything raised by the students. This means that our contribution to the Nothing But Nets organization will total $1050.00 in help to others.

The choir officers wish to thank every student that contributed to this effort and they would like to remind you that you can still help through your continued tax deductable donations to the website listed below.

The officers know that we can make a difference if we help each other. They know that education is more than books and tests. A young adult's education is refined with efforts like this that help students prepare to become caring individuals who understand the importance of global responsibility.

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