Region 17 - Region Results

Region 17
All-Region Choir Results

These are the actual tabulation score sheets for the recent TMEA All-Region Choir event. This information will show the relative ranking of each participating student and the ranking for each judge. Remember that it is the "rank" score that actually chooses the selected singers. Judges could use any "raw" scale for their tabulation. These "raw" scores are placed in rank order and then scored in an Olympic manner. The sightreading contest is also scored using both "raw" and "rank" tabulation. It is the combination of these two rounds that actually chooses the students. The singing round is valued at 80% and the sightreading round is valued at 20%.

You are welcome to share this information with your students. You may also give your students the password to this page if you wish. I just thought it was best to post this information in a manner that gave the teacher the option for sharing.

While this information appears easily on this website, it was very difficult to get the program to export the data in a format that would publish. This process has taken hours to accomplish. I hope it helps.

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Alto 1
Alto 2

Tenor 1
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Bass 1
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