Helping Hands Hurricane Fund Raiser

Brazoswood Choir

Helping Hands Hurricane

Fund Raiser

The Brazoswood Choirs are sponsoring a "Helping Hands" style fund raiser to offer relief to the victims of "Katrina". On Thursday and Friday (September 8-9, 2005) (Thanks to awesome Brazoswood involvement, the project has been extended through Monday and Tuesday, September 12-13, 2005), the Brazoswood Choir officers will collect donations during lunch in the Brazoswood Main Cafeteria. All students are encouraged to donate and we also encourage parents and local businesses to match our donation. For each dollar donated, students will receive a "Rising Star" for posting in the cafeteria. Donations may be delivered to the Brazoswood Choir Room at any time.

There is no doubt that the massive destruction of this terrible hurricane has altered the lives of numerous families. Anything the Brazoswood choirs can do to help is important and deserving of your choir support. With your participation, we can help fellow students to begin the rebuilding effort. Throughout the history of Brazoswood, the choirs have always been proactive in their support of those in need. Whether it has been a loss or a need, the members of the choir have always bonded together as a musical family to offer support and caring.

Please help our students in the relief effort.

First Day Of Fund Raising

We are so proud of our choir members. They are working hard to reach others through their fund raising efforts.

The members of the Brazoswood Choirs are dedicated to helping the hurricane victims in our community. The choir is currently sponsoring a fund raising event during each lunch period in the main Brazoswood cafeteria. The response to our effort has been outstanding.

Brazoswood students are both generous and giving in their compassion to others. In this day when we typically hear only negative things about teenagers, I want to be sure that you know that your child is showing class and maturity through their efforts. We have had donations of clothing and food as well as the choir fund raiser.

Please join us in supporting our choir students. It is hard to find projects that students and parents can share equally in success. This gift to others is worthy of our effort. It teaches us to care about others and to share in a time of need.

Be proud of your kids, they are doing something special and wonderful.

Thanks for being a part of the Brazoswood family.

This may be the most important student project we have ever undertaken as an organization. We ask that you suport these dedicated students with your donations and participation. Music strengthens the soul and brings out the best in people.

Please let the song in your heart motivate you to get involved.

Second Day Of Fund Raising

The second day of our fund raising began with a challenge...

The students of Brazoswood were again generous with their donations and support. Many students gave more than the minimum and every student we met wanted to help in any way possible.

In an effort to support the choir's efforts, Assistant Principal, Mr. Comeaux donated $20 in order to secure the top display banner. He was now "king of the mountain" for the moment...

The challenge was quickly answered by a group of Brazoswood men who claimed they wanted to "take him down" from the top banner. They pooled their money and donated $32 to the relief effort. A new "king" had emerged...

Not to be outdone, another Brazoswood student offered a $45 dollar donation for his place at the top. His fame was to be short lived though. Mr. Comeaux immediately raised his donation to $50. He is once again on top...

Very quickly, the original team of Brazoswood men began to pool the resources of nearby tables and they raised their donation to $68 to regain the top position. The guys celebrated and the cafeteria applauded for their generous donation. Normally, this would be the end of our story but not for Team Brazoswood...

Mr. Comeaux vowed that he would not be outdone. The top position should always belong to
"A Real Cajun" so he raised his donation to $100 and issued a challenge to every Brazoswood Team member to match or exceed his donation. Mr. Comeaux says that he is Brazoswood Proud and wants to help in any way he can

Later this afternoon, Mr. Comeaux came by the choir room to let us know he was visiting with other organizations on campus and encouraging them to join with the choir in helping with the relief effort.

Brazoswood is so lucky to have an Assistant Principal like Mr. Comeaux. He truly cares about the students and is actively involved in supporting the choir in this worthy effort. I encourage you to say, "Thank You!" to this dedicated Brazoswood Team Member.

I urge you as parents and students to support the efforts of the choir through donations. Help us to support others.

What challenge will Monday bring...
Will Mr. Comeaux's banner remain on top?
Will a new student or parent group appear?

Who will be the New Top Donor?

Please help our students fill the wall in the relief effort.

Hurricane Relief Final Totals

Thanks to the awesome efforts and generous donations by the students of Brazoswood High School, the choir raised:


Below is a picture of the Brazoswood wall of Honor. As parents and community members, you should be proud of the wonderful things our students have accomplished. Beyond the simple fact of working as a TEAM, these students reached out to care about others first. This is a true sign of maturity and character.

This group of Brazoswood's finest students deserves our respect and acknowledgement.

Brazoswood Choir Officers

Whenever an organization is successful, it is usually due to the efforts of people working very hard in the background. In the Brazoswood Choir, it is the officer team that makes projects like this possible. The officers developed the concept and worked every step of the way to find donations and encourage their classmates to participate. We are so privileged as an organization to have a group of dedicated individuals working to support the choir. They lead by example and are always willing to help anybody in need.

Thank You Brazoswood!

Your donations will be given to a local agency to help with the relief efforts in our community.

Be proud!

You have proven that you are truly


Habitat to deliver for storm victims

By Velda Hunter
The Facts
Published November 4, 2005

Newspaper front pages and television news broadcasts aren’t flooded with as much coverage of hurricane aftermath as in the days and weeks immediately after the disasters, but homes are still in ruins and Habitat for Humanity of Southern Brazoria County wants to change that.

“As with all disasters, you have to strike when the iron is hot because enthusiasm fades and the crisis passes and people tend to forget about it,” said Mary Ruth Rhodenbaugh, executive director for the local Habitat affiliate.

There are still people without homes, although it’s not always on the news anymore, she said.

The local non-profit organization plans to raise $30,000 to build a three-bedroom home, or a “house in a box,” destined for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama or East Texas as part of Operation Home Delivery.

The home will be assembled locally, then the frame will be disassembled and shipped with other components and construction materials via 18-wheeler to hurricane-devastated communities.

Brazoswood High School choir members and other students were among the first locally to answer the call for donations.

“We didn’t want to sit back and go through the motions,” said Zack Kibodeaux, a Brazoswood High senior. “We wanted to make an impact.”

Kibodeaux, a Brazoswood Choir officer, said the group’s officers decided they wanted to make a difference in the community. After talking to school officials, choir officers received approval to set up tables during lunch to collect donations for the Habitat project for three days in September.

For a $1 donation, students received a blue star to display on the back wall in the cafeteria, while those who gave more than a $1 received a purple star. Their efforts raised $1,900.

The students’ decision to donate to the cause shows there is hope for the future, Rhodenbaugh said.

“We were just so impressed that it happened to be our young volunteers who came up with the idea first,” she said of local interest in the international project.

The effort, spearheaded by Habitat for Humanity International, comes after Hurricane Katrina hit the central Gulf Coast, leaving hundreds dead and hundreds of thousands without homes. The international group plans to build as many homes as it can using the donations.

Please let the song in your heart motivate you to always get involved.

Biloxi, Missippi - Before the Hurricane

Biloxi, Missippi - After the Hurricane