Brazoswood Choir
Fall Fundraising


Century Resources


Your fund raising products are arriving


Roughly 9:30am-11:00am

They MUST be picked up and delivered TUESDAY.

Here are some great pictures of our students working as a team to unload our fund raising. Our thanks goes to the members of the B1 and B2 choirs who worked as a TEAM to move the products from the truck to our choir room.

You were awesome!

Thanks Brazoswood Journalism Department for the great pictures.

It is time to start our school year with a GREAT project!

This is our BIG TRIP year so make your plans now to particpate in every fund raising activity. Last year's officers have picked a wonderful project with a new company. We will start our year with a "take order" program sponsored by Century Resources. This awesome company is dedicated to helping us earn our way to Florida.

Century Resources has been helping student stravel for many years. Their products are outstanding! Everything they offer is given a 100% money back quality promise.

An even more exciting aspect of their company is their use of online ordering. Now your friends and relatives from all over the country can help you earn your trip. Throughout the entire school year, anything that is ordered online will give you credit for your account. Not only can orders be placed through our in class efforts but also through the web. You can place orders and direct others to place orders in your name.

All you have to do in visit their web site by clicking the Century Resources logo below. The customer can browse the catalog of their items and place the online order. The customer can designate the profit for your account or the choir as a whole. The company will mail the products directly to your customers. You just sit back and smile as your trip credit adds up.

Here is the catalog for our upcoming project. You can even place online orders NOW and the credit will be added to your trip acount.