Evening Of Giving
Fund Raiser

This a wonderful opportunity for you to earn 100% profit on every sale. The Brazos Mall is offering a special event that allows ticket holders to shop for special discounts on available during this festive evening.

In order to participate, you will sell tickets for $5.00. Each ticket will allow one person to enter the Mall for the evening of shopping.

If you want to be a part of this wonderful event, you will check out numbered tickets from the choir. For each ticket you sell, you will earn $5.00 for your account. As you make the sale, collect the money and give the customer a ticket. At the end of the sale, you must return money and unsold tickets that balance your account.

REMEMBER - Failure to return the tickets means you OWN the tickets at a cost of $5.00 each. If you return the tickets on time, there is no charge to you. The tickets are bundled in groups of ten. You may check out as many tickets as you wish. Every choir member should participate in this great opportunity.

Tickets are available NOW. Since other groups in town will also be working on this event, you should work fast before the community is saturated.

Give this entire ticket to your customer. They will use the ticket to enter the Mall on this special evening.
For every $5.00 ticket you sell, you will receive 100% for your fund raising account.

Be sure to tell your customers to register for the drawings and opportunities during this evening of special discounts.

The Mall will offer special events and entertainment as well as treats for all ages.
You should also remind the customers that this is a tax deductable donation. Encourage them to purchase multiple tickets for an even larger tax refund.