Due December 9, 2005

This exercise involves aural and visual recognition of classic music from the season. You will need to use your GRADE FILE to hear the examples and then return here to record your answers.

You MUST select an answer for EVERY question before the form will submit.

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STEP 1: Go to "Student - Grades" page and open your account by using your password.
STEP 2: In your grade file, look under "Third Six Weeks" and find Assignment 7. Notice the audio file and song list shown here.
STEP 3: Listen to the entire audio file. It lasts 15 minutes. As you are listening, note the names and order of the songs. You will hear 6 songs. Jot down the names and order of the songs. You will need this information later.
STEP 4: AFTER listening to the entire file, return to this page and tell me which songs you heard and the order you heard them.

IMPORTANT!!! - Every student file is different. You cannot copy your friend's answers. They will have different songs in a different order. In order to get credit, you must give me YOUR songs in the order they appear in YOUR file.
STEP 5: Finally, look at the FOUR visual carols shown below. By visual inspection or through the use of your musical sightreading skills, simply tell me the names of these four songs. These are all songs you should know. You will not hear the songs.
STEP 6: After selecting your answers and completing all of the required fields (including your name), click the "Submit" button below.

Remember that if you leave this page and return, your answers may be gone. Listen to the music first, copy your answers somewhere and then come here to answer the questions.
Audio Song Answers
01)* Audio Song Number 1
02)* Audio Song Number 2
03)* Audio Song Number 3
04)* Audio Song Number 4
05)* Audio Song Number 5
06)* Audio Song Number 6
Visual Song Answers
#1 -
07)* Visual Song Number 1
#2 -
08)* Visual Song Number 2
#3 -
09)* Visual Song Number 3
#4 -
10)* Visual Song Number 4

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