Assignment #4

This week's assignment is to return the signed "Trip Decision" form to class.

Remember that you are NOT required to travel on the Spring Trip but you are REQUIRED to make a choice. We welcome your participation in this wonderful opportunity.

It is important that you review the trip information with your parents and make an informed decision. This will be your only big trip during your high school years. We hope you will choose to be a part of this great opportunity.

Remember that once registration is closed, we will not accept late participants. We will adjust our bus and hotel needs based on our confirmed registration numbers. After those adjustments are made, additional students cannot be added.

The Brazoswood Choirs have begun the year with several awesome examples of team work and dedication. I hope you will choose to part of our Spring Trip to Orlando, Florida.

Please return the signature page from the information you were given in class or download a copy of the form on this website. You must make a participation choice. The form must be signed by you and your parent.

Remember that we may contact your parent to verify the accuracy of the form.