Singing Test Preparation

Singing Test Preparation

It is now time for you to prepare for your first singing exam. This exam will give us the opportunity to hear you sing individually and for you to both see and hear your actual test materials.

Students will sing a prepared exercise. This performance will be recorded and posted in their grade file for the student to both see and hear. These materials will be password protected and only available to the student or their parents.

For this first exam, you may practice the possible exercises on the Sightreading Page of this website. You should be prepared to sing any of exercises 51-60. You will draw a random exercise from this set for your singing evaluation. We will use the standard TMEA method for sightreading.

Singing Audition Procedure For Exam #1
Here are the rules for the upcoming singing exam:

1. You may prepare for this exam by practicing these exercises as many times as you wish.

2. The possible exercises are posted on this website in the Sightreading section under Exercises 51-60.

3. On the day of the exam, you will sing in alphabetical order during your class period.

4. Failure to attempt the exercise will result in a grade of zero. All properly completed performances will receive at least partial credit. Completing the exercise with the correct syllables and rhythms will insure a passing grade. High grades will be given to students who complete the exercise with correct syllables, correct rhythms and correct pitches.

5. On the day of the exam, you will go individually to a recording room where you will sing your exam. A taping monitor will also be in the room to record, keep time and insure that the rules are followed.

6. Each student will be given one opportunity to sing the exercise.

7. When you enter the room, you will draw a number to indicate which exercise you will sing. This number will be recorded on the monitor's control sheet. You will also need to confirm your student ID number at this time.

8. You will be given a card containing the exam exercise. You may not write on this card.

9. You will hear a recording that contains DMSMDSD in the proper key. You will also hear the first pitch.

10. You may now practice for 30 seconds.

11. The recording will call time and again repeat Step 9. You will hear instructions that you may begin.

12. The monitor will begin the recording of your performance. You will have 30 seconds to complete your singing. After this time, the tape will say, "Stop" which will end your performance time.

13. Give your exercise card to the monitor and return quickly to class.

14. When all auditions are complete and graded, we will post your performance in your Grade file. You will need your student ID number in order to log into your account.

Here Is A Sample Results File

First Six Weeks Singing Exam #1


Audio File
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