Fall Concert 2004

Brazoswood Fall Choir Concert

Our Fall Concert is Tuesday, October 5th at 7:30 pm. Please wear your blue choir shirt and jeans. Plan to arrive no later than 7:15 pm in the main campus auditorium. Don’t forget to sign-in at the front of the stage so you get credit for your participation.

Remember that this is a required event. Your participation is mandatory. As a Co-curricular activity, your participation in this concert is a major test grade. Performance is a major part of our curriculum, so this is an important academic event. You will receive a “ZERO” as a major test grade if you do not participate.

You will need your black choir folder with all the concert music.

Also, please invite your family and friends to come and listen. You may leave after you sing. However, you are strongly encouraged to stay and hear the other choirs perform.

Remember to stay healthy and show up to sing. You are a valuable member of our organization and we need everyone involved in order to have a successful concert.

Thanks- Mr. Few, Mr. Broom, Mr. Hanak