District Auditions – Saturday - September 18

This is a duplication of information provided in a letter to the parents on Monday-Wednesday.

This is also a continuation and documentation of class discussions on the same topic.

District Participants arrive at B’Wood no later than 7:00 am Saturday morning. We will depart by bus promptly by 7:15 for Angleton H.S.

Bring your music, pencil, highlighter and money for snacks. Leave all electronic equipment at home. You may not have any type of recording or CD device on site. Cell phones are also banned from the contest area. If you have a phone on site, it must be turned off and kept out of sight at all times.

Be sure you wear your choir shirt and jeans. Shirts for new students should arrive on Thursday.

We hope to return from the contest around 3:30pm. Remember that ending times of contests of this type are controlled by the flow of the contest and not by us. We will move as quickly as possible. If you are doing something “creative” in your travel plans, remember to complete an alternative transportation form with the proper signatures and notary. If you plan to ride with your own parent, you only need to submit a note from your parents to one of the directors.

Remember to check out with the chaperone (in contest office) before you depart.

Good luck.