Christmas Video 2004

Brazoswood Choir Christmas
Video Page

The concert is presented in "Real Video" which is a form of "Real Player" streaming playback. This format will save disc space and should help with download times. The video should only download a very small (4K) link to the actual video.

You will need a free "Real Player" in order to see the video files. I have included a free download link at the bottom of the page. Please BE SURE to select the free player download. "Real Networks" also has a premium service but it is NOT required.

A brief word about the quality of the audio and video. We are currently trying to learn several forms of new technology. Our camera placement was experimental and generally successful. The camera used for our "long" shots did not have enough gain to maintain the color signal. The picture from this camera is a little unstable but acceptable for a first attempt. Because of construction at our school, we did not have an opportunity to practice in the auditorium so there are a few balance issues. In any case, this is our first attempt to provide video of an event. With a little practice, we will soon be able to provide something that is very useful.