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What is your (FIVE digit) student ID number:*
What is your FIRST NAME:*
What is your LAST NAME:*
What is your BIRTHDAY (xx/xx/xx):*
What EMAIL address would you like for your confirmation to be sent.:
1) As you enter the room, where do you store your books and backpacks during choir class.:*
2) What two items are always supposed to stored in your folder and used in marking your music.:*
3) What foreign substance are you NEVER allowed to chew during choir class.:*
4) What should you ALWAYS receive from us when you turn in any type of money.:*
5) By the time your choir class tardy bell rings, where are you supposed to be standing or sitting.:*
6) What is the name of the choir teacher who accompanies the choir classes and checks daily attendance for all choir classes.:*
7) What is the deadline (date) for returning your signed MEDICAL and RULES forms for a grade of 100.:*
8) Female singers typically read music printed in the BASS CLEF.:* True False
9) There is voice part called - Barely Tone.:* True False
10) Describe how the vocal process works. How do we sing? In other words, begin with the in-take of air and explain how the voice works (Hint - Refer to the Physiology worksheet we completed in class).:*
Bonus) List the seven syllables used to label music (First letter of each syllable is acceptable).: