You are such an amazing group of students. The talent we have seen in this audition process has just been overwhelming. We wish that every student could be cast in the lead parts. Unfortunately, this is not the way auditions work, "Into a every life a little rain must fall." No matter what the results of the final casting, I am so proud you and your willingness to audition. From the possible talent pool, we have heard roughly 89% of the students audition for lead parts. You are wonderful young musicians.

Today we will begin the "callback" process. This is our opportunity to hear groups of students and confirm our decisions or answer our casting questions. Some of you will be asked to sing for the directors during class today. You should NOT read anything into the fact that a student is called or that a student is not called. Your part may already be secure or we may have already heard everything needed to make a decision in your case. This part of the audition is to confirm decisions or clarify abilities or possibly to see combinations together. This activity is not positive or negative.

The final step in the casting process is the offering of the "character contract." After all singing is complete, we will offer parts to the lead characters by speaking with them either in person or on the phone. We will offer them a specific part and ask for a decision. If the person declines the part, we will contact our alternate casting choice and fill the position. When the entire lead cast has been confirmed, we will post the official list for public release. Our goal is to finish this project before the semester break so that the leads can begin their preparation during the holiday.

If you are not cast in this portion of the process, your opportunity to have a solo or secondary part still exists. This show has roughly 30 named characters with individual solos or performance moments. The rest of the named parts will be cast in January. This casting will be based on our staging as well the vocal and physical requirements of each part. Many of you will indeed have solo parts (such as the soloist parts in the chain gang). We will be most interested in the students who auditioned for leads as we consider these secondary parts but we will consider all students before we make a decision.

Congratulations on a wonderful start to this class project. You will thrill and amaze all who see you perform. We are so very proud of YOU!

THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE - We are almost through with the casting and contract portion of the audition process. Our plan is to post the public list before the end of today. So far, every lead has accepted the offer os a part. As we previously discussed, the goal was to cast some of the primary parts so that we can work during the holiday break.