Good Morning!

Here are your final trip instructions for those of you who are traveling with us to San Antonio on Friday.

  1. Remember that ALL trip payments must be complete before departure. This includes trip payments for both students and chaperones.
  2. ALL luggage (this means everything that is going with us) will be searched by the Clute police drug dogs prior to departure. This is fair warning. Do not bring or use any illegal substances on this trip. If girls keep their purses, they will be checked by female chaperones at check-in.
  3. Be sure that you remember to wear your choir shirt and jeans when you arrive on Friday morning.
  4. Arrive at 6am for check-in and departure.


  1. When you arrive at school, all materials are to be taken to the student parking lot and left in the designated area with the parents and police. The buses should be there or will be very soon.
  2. You may not put ANYTHING on the bus at this time.
  3. Go to the choir room and wait for check-in and approval to load the bus.
  4. As you enter the choir room, you are to check in ALL drugs and medicines at the chaperone table. Medicines should be contained within a zip lock bag. Inside the bag should be the medicine and written instructions from your parents about the times it should be given. The package should also contain your name. We will have materials available for you to make a package if needed. Medicines will be divided by your bus assignment and a chaperone will supply the medicine at the proper time (as per your parentís written instructions).
  5. Pick up your bus and room assignment lists and a copy of the short version of the trip outline. This one page outline will give you important info in a pocket size. You should keep this with you at all times.


  1. While we are meeting, the parents will watch the luggage as the dogs make their search. When this is complete, we will release you to load the bus.
  2. You will leave the choir room and collect your luggage (be sure your bag has a name tag) and place it in the storage bay for your bus.
  3. Remember to pack a carry on bag for your clothing change after our performance and our dayís activities. REMEMBER that you will not be able to unpack the bus until we arrive at the hotel that night. If you want it during the day, pack it in a SMALL carry-on bag. PLAN AHEAD!
  4. The bus is FULL so be sure that you pack carefully. Anything you bring on the bus will need to be stored in the bins or under your seat. You will not have multiple seats to yourself.
  5. Load your assigned bus (no bus changes) and prepare for a great day. You will meet your chaperones and they will have final instructions for you before departure.


  1. If the weather is bad on Friday morning, bring your luggage in the building and we will have an alternate location for storage.


  1. Cell phones are fine to have and use as per your parentís and/or the directorís instructions.
  2. Be sure that you store a little meal money for Sunday in a safe place in your luggage. Students typically spend all of their money before the last day. Be sure to put a little money aside for that final meal.
  3. Communication is the key to having a safe and happy trip. The chaperones and directors are there to help you. Let us know whenever you have a need or concern.
  4. You may not make any charges to your room. You may use the phones for calls within the hotel. Your room list will have the phone numbers for students, directors and chaperones. You will always have a contact point for someone if you have a need.
  5. Please understand that all clothing is to be of good taste. If it is questionable in any manner, we will ask you to change. All clothing needs to pass the grand-mother, parent and director test. If you have any question, do not wear it. We are on a school trip and representing our choir and community.
  6. Failure to follow the rules will result in your removal from the trip at your parentís cost. You are classy people. Show it throughout the trip. We expect you to impress everyone we meet with your maturity and respect.
  7. FINALLY! When in doubt, ask before you do it. We will have an answer for you.