San Antonio


Brazoswood High School Choir Spring Trip Information

San Antonio, Texas

April 23-25, 2004



 Parents and Students:


The Brazoswood Choirs have begun a successful year.  We each appreciate the support and help you have given us in our efforts. 


The annual Spring Choir Trip for this year is to San Antonio, Texas.  I think this trip will be both educational and entertaining for any student.  Additional to the typical historical and fun things one would anticipate on a trip of this type is the opportunity for us to perform at a Texas University.


During this trip the students will spend every possible moment involved in chaperoned educational and fun activities that are designed to educate the students and promote team building.


The cost of the trip includes transportation (a major expense), housing, entry fees, and activity fees.  We will leave on Friday and return on Sunday.


Through fundraising, we will continue to work to make it possible for all students to participate in this trip.  If a student makes every effort to participate in the activities offered by this organization, he/she should be able to earn most or all of their trip cost.  To date, there have been two fund raising events sponsored by the choir. There are two more opportunities scheduled to begin before the trip.  Students who have chosen to be active in these events are well on their way to having their total trip paid.


Today, we need to find out exactly how many people are going to participate in this activity by asking for a registration form and deposit to be completed by December 1st.  If you and/or your student would like to participate in this trip, we ask that you fill out the attached form and return it with a check that includes a $50.00 non-refundable deposit for each trip participant. If the student has earned fund raising money this year in excess of this amount, then an additional deposit is not required.  Since this is an extracurricular event, academic grades and UIL rules for eligibility will count in the studentís participation.  Refunds for any cancellation will be based on a scale directly related to the amount of money refundable to us at any point in time.  Obviously, the closer the trip date is, the less that is refundable.


Please return the registration portion of this form with your payment by the 19th of December if you wish to participate in this trip.  Please return this completed form even if you choose not to participate so that we can be sure that every student has had the opportunity to consider this trip.  Every student is encouraged to participate and every effort will be made to help students with special needs.


Additional information and finalized schedules will follow after the initial registration has been completed.  Thank you in advance for your participation.  This will be a trip and educational event that the students will remember for a lifetime.    


The payment schedule for this trip is as follows.  Financial penalties will apply from the date of the cancellation.





Bill Few

Paul Hanak

Butch Broom

Brazoswood HS Choir Officers


Please return this portion of the form with a check made payable to BISD (if applicable) in the amount of $50.00 for each participating member.


I am completing this registration form with full knowledge and permission of my parents.


ALL students are to complete this form to confirm that they have made a choice. You are NOT required to travel but you ARE required to make a formal choice.



Student name: __________________________


Email contact: __________________________


Parent signature: ______________________


Email contact: __________________________ 


Address: ______________________________



City/Zip: _______________________________________________



Phone: _________________________________       Emergency/Cell: ___________________





___________   I will participate in the Spring Trip to San Antonio.



___________   I will not participate in the Spring Trip to San Antonio.



Names of additional family members who would like to travel with us as chaperones:







Brazoswood Choir Spring Outline


Pending registration by the students, this yearís spring trip to San Antonio will include the following activities. The cost of the trip will be $250.00. This includes entry fees, transportation cost, and selected meals.


The payment schedule for this trip is as follows. Upon completion of the enclosed registration forms, the student is considered a participant in the trip until WRITTEN cancellation is made through the cancellation document available from the director. Until that time the student is a participant and ALL financial obligations will apply. Financial penalties will apply from the date of the cancellation.





(Fees may be paid or earned)


First Deposit or credit needed       (by Dec. 1, 2003) -       $50.00


Second Deposit or credit needed  (by Jan. 8, 2004) -     $50.00


Third Deposit or credit needed   (by Feb. 9, 2004) -     $50.00


Fourth Deposit or credit needed  (by Mar. 5, 2004) -     $50.00


Fifth Deposit or credit needed   (by Apr. 5, 2003) -      $50.00





(On this date amount of non-refundable fees)


First Penalty        (At registration)