Friday, April 23, 2004




Arrive at Brazoswood for the big day. Be sure you have checked your luggage and that you have your music, uniform and money. All items should be placed on the band practice field for inspection. If it is going with us it must be placed with this luggage. Be sure your luggage is securely closed or locked and that your name is displayed clearly on every item. Be sure liquids including make-up are in plastic bags and sealed against leaks. Please be aware that ALL materials may be inspected by drug dogs and chaperones before our departure.


Remember that you MUST WEAR YOUR CHOIR SHIRT AND JEANS no shorts are allowed. You may change on the bus on the way to fiesta then you may change into shorts.. Please be sure you have your student ID or some other form of picture ID. You may wish to give Mr. Few a copy of your traveler’s check receipts, and I would suggest that you make a Xerox copy of any credit card you bring with you. Mr. Few will be glad to hold that information for you. All medicine should be cleared with your chaperone. A note from a parent explaining your needs is always appreciated.


Also remember that you should leave all valuable jewelry or items at home.










Say “Hello” to your group sponsor. Load your luggage, find your seat on your assigned bus and away we go! Be sure that you have taken care of any “nature business” prior to leaving Brazoswood. We will not stop on the way. It will be a long no-stop trip on the bus. We will not be stopping on the way to San Antonio. There are restrooms on each bus.


The buses will have VCRs and TV sets to watch movies on, so if you would like to bring a G or PG rated movie to watch, you are welcome to do so. Bring entertainment to keep you busy on the bus. Also bring a pillow and blanket to use on the bus. Many times the bus will get cold (colder than the choir room) so be prepared.




Arrive at Texas State wearing your choir shirts and jeans (NO SHORTS). We will sing for their Choir and we will have a chance to speak to the Director.  We will also tour the campus as time allows and hopefully hear performance from their ensembles. Texas State was formally known as Southwest Texas State University. It is a great school with a long reputation for music programs.


University Chorale -

The University Chorale is the premier vocal ensemble at TxState performing for state, national and international audiences. The membership of Chorale is comprised of outstanding musicians throughout the campus from various disciplines. Repertoire for this ensemble includes works from ca. 1450 to the present with the emphasis on advanced literature. This choir select chamber ensemble of approximately 25 to 30 members chosen by audition from the entire student body.


University Singers -

This select mixed ensemble performs masterworks from the 17th century to the present with emphasis given to larger works. With a membership of 65-70 musicians from throughout the campus, this ensemble is quickly becoming recognized regionally for its musical excellence. Good music-reading skills and musicianship are important to membership. This ensemble select ensemble of approximately 65-70 singers chosen by audition from the entire student body. This choir performs masterworks from the 17th Century to the present.


VocaLibre -

The most vibrant and dynamic of the choral ensembles, VocaLibre is quickly becoming the most recognized of the vocal groups. This ensemble features popular musical styles including vocal jazz, blues, swing tunes, hip-hop, transcriptions of instrumental works, and more! This ensemble select vocal jazz ensemble of approximately 15 members chosen by audition from the entire student body (one credit per semester).


Men's and Women’s Choir -

These unique ensembles are ideal for singers who wish to increase their musical skills and who enjoy ensemble singing without a required audition. The membership of each ensemble explores repertoire that is ideal for just men or women. The social aspect of each ensemble is equally important to the musical training. This is concert-touring choir of approximately 30-40 members chosen by audition from the entire student.


Gospel Expressions -

This group is open to all students who enjoy traditional and contemporary gospel music. With approximately 40 members, Gospel Expressions performs numerous programs throughout Texas each year.


Opera/Music Theatre -

The opera workshop gives students an opportunity to participate in opera scenes and to learn techniques for operatic acting and staging.


Texas State University-San Marcos

601 University Drive

San Marcos, Texas 78666



12:00pm (approximate) –


Leave for Fiesta Texas. Now is the time to change into shorts and different shirts if you choose. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes because we will be there for the majority of the day. Be sure you have packed anything you need for the day in a carry-on bag. We will NOT unpack the bus before check-in at the hotel later that evening. If you want to have it during the day, be sure it is on the bus before we leave Brazoswood.




Arrive at Fiesta and enjoy the day. Take everything you will need for the experience at Fiesta with you. You will receive your admission ticket and a meal ticket. Don’t lose these because it’s the only one you will receive.


Remember to take everything will need for the day. The bus will leave and there will be no opportunity to get anything from it after we depart. You will want to bring your money for the day, comfortable shoes, possibly a change of clothes (in case you get wet), sun-screen and a hat.


You can rent a locker inside the park. The cost is roughly $2.00 for the day. I would suggest that you pack light since your stuff will tend to grow as you win prizes and enjoy the day.


Remember to drink water throughout the day. I anticipate that the park may be crowded so plan your activities for the day. You may want to visit the website to see some of the great rides. The best plan in a theme park is to start at the back of the park and work your way forward.


Here are the rides in the park:



This hair-raising thrill ride is the largest steel and only floorless coaster in the Southwest.


Guests begin their cruise 75 feet in the air by blasting down a 132-foot long tunnel, leading to the mammoth, open-ended funnel. The ride's unique cloverleaf tubes hug the inside of the funnel, splashing back and forth on 5,000 gallons of swirling water.


The all-new, state-of-the-art roller coaster that launches passengers from 0 to 60 mph in a riveting 3.5 seconds.


At nearly 20 stories high, the Boomerang super coaster sends riders through loops, corkscrews, and then does it all again --backwards!


A 164-foot skyrocketing and ground-pounding, free-fall machine.


One of the largest most venomous wooden roller coasters on the planet. It's huge!


Join the fun on the Road Runner Express as Wile E. Coyote makes one disastrous attempt after another to catch his ever-present nemesis, the Road Runner.


Electric cars. (Under 42 inches tall must be accompanied by an adult.)


Spinning billiard balls. (Must be at least 36 inches tall to ride.)


Shoot the chutes! (Must be at least 42 inches tall to ride.)


Ferris wheel. (Under 42 inches tall must be accompanied by an adult.)


Body swing. (Additional Fee. Must be at least 42 inches tall to ride.)


Spinning joy ride. (Must be at least 42 inches tall to ride.)


Swing boat. (Must be at least 42 inches tall to ride.)


Whip ride. (Must be at least 36 inches tall to ride.)


Kiddie castaway adventure. (Must be of walking age to ride.)


Train ride. (Must be of walking age to ride.)


Take a wet 'n' wild ride on the Gully Washer. On this winding river adventure with white-water rapids, waterfalls and rock embankments, you never know what's around the corner.


High-flying merry-go-round. (Must be at least 42 inches tall to ride.)


Rock wall. (Must be at least 48 inches tall to climb. Additional charge of $5.00.)


Join this rascally rabbit on a splashing journey through Medieval England and the "Black Knight's Castle." Guests will pass through the Black Knight's treacherous castle and experience the antics of Bugs Bunny, the court jester, as he is commissioned to use his wits and reclaim the Singing Sword. The Bugs' White Water Rapids was carefully themed to follow the only Academy Award-winning Bugs Bunny cartoon, "Knighty Knight Bugs," first enjoyed by audiences in 1958. The cartoon short features court jester Bugs Bunny, the Black Knight (Yosemite Sam) and his faithful fire-breathing dragon. Guests will join Bugs on his voyage through the Black Knight's castle and the escapade, traveling up three lifts and down two dramatic drops on this splashy, animated adventure.


Enclosed flume ride. (Must be at least 48 inches tall to ride.)


Train. (Must be of walking age to ride.)


Airplane Ride. (Must be under 54 inches to ride.)


Convoy Ride.


(Must be at least 36 inches tall to ride.)


Wave Swinger. (Must be at least 48 inches tall to ride.)


Kiddie Bumper Cars. (Must be at least 36 inches tall to ride.)


Carousel. (Under 42 inches tall must be accompanied by an adult.)


Bumper Cars. (Must be at least 52 inches tall to ride.)


(Must be at least 55 inches tall to ride.)


Circular, spinning, swing ride. (Must be at least 48 inches tall to ride.)


(Must be 54" and under to ride.)


Rodeo Rider (Must be of walking age to ride.)


(Must be 54" and under to ride.)
(Adults must be accompanied by a child under 54".)


(Must be at least 48" to ride.)   


(Min 42" to ride alone. Walking age to 42" must ride with adult. Adults must be accompanied by a child under 54".)
GO-KARTS (Add'l Fee)
(Min 54" to drive. 40"-58" must ride as passenger only and ride with adult over 18 meeting requirements.) No Open Toe Shoes


Skyscraper (Must be at least 52" Weight limit 500 pounds per Gondola.)


Mystery of the Haunted Mansion (Min 42" to ride alone. Walking age - 42" Must ride with an adult.)


Free Waterpark with Themepark Admission
Here are some of the shows:

Teatro Fiesta - Join us at Teatro Fiesta as we present some of the most entertaining multi-cultural groups in the Lone Star State. "Fiesta Folklorico" featuring Los Caporales and "Latin Explosion" featuring Roni Garza, will rotate throughout the season. Consult the theatre show board for show times and specific acts. MARCH 6 - OCTOBER 3 (dark Wednesdays)
Country Homecoming - Performances honoring the history of country music, including hits from the great State of Texas will be enjoyed in this classic country tribute. MARCH 6 - OCTOBER 3 (dark Tuesdays)
Spassburg Theatre - "Looney Tunes Meet and Greet" - Join Bugs Bunny and his pals as they make appearances throughout the day to visit with our guests. MARCH 6 - OCTOBER 3
Sangerfest Halle - Performances for every memeber of the family can be enjoyed in the international food court at Sangerfest Halle.
Heat Wave - Featuring the music of Motown! MARCH 6 - OCTOBER 3
Retro Fever - The 70's! MARCH 6 - OCTOBER 3
Reflections of Rockville High - Join a new group of students at Rockville High as they take us on a musical ride through the decade of the 60's. Continuing with the tradition of Rockville, Miss Buelhouse and Mr. Peabody encounter a new breed of students as they rock their way through a new school year. MARCH 6 - SEPTEMBER 19 (dark Thursdays
Fiesta Texas
17000 IH 10 West 78257
San Antonio, TX 78257
Time to leave for North Star Mall. If you wish to change, be sure to take care of it before this time.  Always stay with a group. Remember that your safety should always be your first concern. Keep your eyes open and have fun with your friends. You will buy your own dinner at this time. There are many places to choose from so it will be easy to find something you like.

A 2 Z Accessories
A Pea In The Pod
Abercrombie & Fitch
Ace Tailor Shop

Agaci II

Alta Vista Optics
American Eagle Outfitters
Ann Taylor
Arden B.
At Home Beauty
August Max
Auntie Anne's
Aveda Lifestyle Store
B. Dalton Bookseller
Bag 'n Baggage
Bailey, Banks & Biddle
Banana Republic
Bath & Body Works
Birkenstock General Store & Leather Goods Co.
Brighton Collectibles
Car-Lene Research
Casual Corner
Cellular Accessories Tech. Store
Charles Gurinsky's Fine Jewelry
Claire's Boutique
Deck The Walls
Discovery Channel Store
Eastern Oils
Easy Spirit
Eddie Bauer
Endless Time
Express Men
Fast Forward
Foot Action USA
Foot Locker
Friedman's Jewelers
General Nutrition Center
Get Charmed
Gingiss Formalwear
Glamour Shots
Glitter Zone
Gloria Jean's Coffee
Godiva Chocolatier
Gordon's Jewelers
Great American Cookies
Guest Services
Head Gear
Helzberg Diamonds
Hot Topic
House of Rings
Incredible Toys
J. Crew
Jarman Shoes
Jessica McClintock
Johnston & Murphy
Kay Jewelers
KB Toys
Kids Foot Locker
Lady Foot Locker
Lane Bryant
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry
Lerner New York
Lieu's Nails & Cosmetics
Lillie Rubin
Limited Too
Luby's Cafeteria
Lucky Village
M.A.C. Cosmetics
Mandarin Gem
Marble Slab
Mayan Design
Mirror Image
Motherhood Maternity
Myco Extensions
New York & Company
Nine West
Occhiali da Sole
On Time Silver
Opah Greek Flavor
Payless Shoes
Pearle Vision
Petite Sophisticate
Proactive Solutions
Quick Fix
Regis Salon
Ristorante Luciano
Ritz Camera
Saks Fifth Avenue
Saks Red Door Salon
Scharfen Cutlery
Select Comfort
Silver Express
Spencer Gifts
Steak Escape
Steve Madden
Stride Rite
Sun Bay Expressway
Sunglass Hut
Sunglass Hut II
Sweet Factory
Talbots Kids
Texas Tax Back
The Cheesecake Factory
The Children's Place
The Discovery Channel Store
The Disney Store
The Limited
The Picture People
The Sharper Image
Toni & Guy
Via Milano
Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Beauty
Visible Changes
Wet Seal
White Barn Candle Co.
Whitehall Co. Jewelers
Wild Cart

North Star
7400 San Pedro
San Antonio, TX
Time to leave for the hotel. Please be sure you are on the bus and ready for check-in. We will not return to this location.
Quality Inn - This is your first opportunity to impress the hotel staff with your maturity and professionalism. I will remind you that a happy hotel staff allows us extra opportunities and a mad hotel staff can make the visit less than pleasant. We need to follow their rules for quiet. Remember, violations of our housing rules could mean that you will be going home early. Be in YOUR room at the appointed time.
After several hours on a bus and a long day, you should really appreciate the opportunity to relax. The first person alphabetically in each room will be issued the room keys. If we can get the hotel to send us the exact room number you will have in advance, we will publish that for you. When you are told to do so, get off of the bus and begin to unpack ALL of the stuff from within and under the bus. After the bus is clear, get your room key and go to your room. If your roommate is not there yet, take a chill pill and wait a couple of minutes. Do not wander away from your room until everybody gets there. You will probably only have TWO keys. The hotel is our home for the next two days but please remember that you are also a guest here. Be respectful of the rights of others also staying in the hotel

Free full breakfast featuring bacon, eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, beans and tortillas.
24 Hour Security,
AM/FM Alarm Clock,
Bus Parking,
Business Center,
Coffee Maker in Room,
Free Newspaper,
Game Room,
Guest Laundromat,
Hairdryers Available,
Handicapped Rooms/Facilities,
Ice Machine,
In Room Movies,
Meeting/Banquet Facilities,
Modem Lines in Room,
No Smoking Rooms/Facilities,
Outdoor Pool,
Picnic Areas/Tables,
Safe Deposit Box,
Smoke Detectors,
TV Remote Control,
Television with Cable,
Wake-up Service
Quality Inn
6023 IH 10 West
San Antonio, TX 78201
(210) 736-1900
9:00pm - 10:30pm approximate –
Quality Inn - We need to follow their rules for quiet. You should quickly go to your room and prepare for bed. We will begin room checks almost immediately. Remember, violations of our housing rules could mean that you will be going home early. Be in YOUR room at the appointed time. Failure to meet curfew will cause us to greatly restrict our trip freedom.
As is traditional, there will be frequent room checks. No co-ed visitation is allowed without a chaperon present. Now is also the time for you to use the phone in the lobby to call your parents. Now is also the time to get ice and cold drinks. NOW IS THE TIME TO CALL THE FRONT DESK TO LEAVE A WAKE UP CALL. Your rooms will be blocked for long distance, pay-per-view and room service. Since we have paid in advance, no charges may be made to your room. You may call from room to room but be sure of the number you are dialing. Phone abuse will result in no phones.
            Curfew and Room Checks – You are to be in your room at this time. A male and female director will come to your door to check your room. We will want to see each and every roommate in person. Failure to be in your room at this time will result in your immediate removal from this trip. We will call your parents and at your expense you will be placed on the next available flight home.
We are very serious about room checks. We WILL enter your room and we may wish to inspect anything and everything. Be appropriately dressed for visitors. Female chaperons will check the girl’s rooms and male chaperons will check the boy’s rooms. As soon your room is checked, we will tape the doors. If the tape is damaged or removed your entire room will be sent home. Do not open your door. Lock and secure your doors and windows. Close the curtains. If you have an emergency, call a director or chaperon. Communicate! You will be given a contact room number at this time.
Remember that Mr. Few and the chaperons will be on duty all night. We will walk the halls and check the rooms throughout the night. You are safe and well protected. There is no reason for you to open the door. You may not go get a coke or ice or anything outside of your room after curfew.
You are welcome to stay up all night if you wish provided you do not disturb others. You are expected to be a happy camper the next morning. Traveling is stressful. In order to get the maximum enjoyment from this trip, you need to rest. GO TO SLEEP!
Saturday April 24, 2004
Wake Call – You should now be up and moving. If you are not already awake, you can expect a tuneful call and a gentle knock at your door. Mr. Few will encourage you to awaken to start the day in his own special way. Be sure to take advantage of the free breakfast in the lobby area. This would also be a good time to call parents if you need to check in.
8:30 am
You are to be on the bus and ready for check-in. Failure to be on time means you will have your very on chaperon for the day. Mr. Few will be happy to visit all of the theme parks with you. He will make sure that you are never late for another check-in time. Do you REALLY want to through the whole day with a chaperon as your partner? Be sure to be on the bus on time!
Arrive at Malibu Castle and let the fun begin. Here you will receive unlimited miniature golf, multiple sprint car rides, unlimited bumper boats, and at least 40 tokens to play any of the games you wish. Close to the time we leave, people need to line up and trade in their tickets for prizes. Remember to bring everything you need for the day. This includes money for snacks and locker rental. You may wish to bring sunscreen and a change of clothes. Be prepared for Sun and walking.

Miniature Golf
Malibu Grand Prix offers the timeless enjoyment of miniature golf in a truly unique environment. Two 18-hole courses with challenging obstacles and lagoons.
Batting Cages
Baseball and softball players of all skill levels from beginner to expert will enjoy our fun and safe batting cages. With speeds ranging from 30-85 mph there is a speed range for everyone.
Come test your skill and coordination in our state-of-the-art video and redemption arcade. Filled with over 80 video and redemption games there are plenty of challenges for any skill level.
Sprint Cars
Race wheel-to-wheel against your friends & family by maneuvering around twists and turns in fast head to head racing competition. Two-seater cars are also
available. Drivers and passengers must meet these minimum requirements.
*All drivers must be at least 4'6" tall
*Passengers must be at least 40" tall and ride with a driver 16 years of age or older
Bumper Boats
Come squirt your friends with our new electric powered bumper boats that include squirt guns.
*Drivers must be at least 48” tall
*Passengers must be at least 40” tall & ride with a driver 13 years of age or older

Malibu Castle
3330 Cherry Ridge Drive
San Antonio, TX
Depart for Sea World. Remember that you need to leave time to redeem your game tickets. We must leave on time. Students are always are rushed because they wait to the last minute to pick their prizes. These people are SLOW when it comes to prizes. Plan ahead.
12:30pm (approximate) –
Sea World – The gates fun begins. We will issue a ticket to get in the park and a voucher for lunch. All other park costs are yours to pay. Get a locker and map as you enter the park. Remember that there may be check-in times required during the day. Typically, we meet in the front gate area. A chaperon will be stationed here for whole day. You will always have a place to get help. We usually have a check-in time in the early mid-afternoon. There will always be a chaperon in the front gate area if you need us. You may always contact park security or go to the first aid station. Communication is very important. Drink lots of water and be prepared for long lines.
Typical Attractions:

Hop aboard "The Great White" - Texas' first inverted steel roller coaster! You'll dangle your legs from ski-lift-style seats and go heels-over-head five times during more than 2,500 feet of breathtaking loops, corkscrews and other thrilling maneuvers at speeds of almost 50 mph! The multi-million-dollar ride also was the first coaster ever built at a SeaWorld Adventure Park.
Get ready for a wild ride on Rio Loco - an exhilarating river rapids adventure! You and five of your friends will hop aboard a circular raft that churns through a 1,800-foot raging stream with dips, bends, and a drenching waterfall.
SeaWorld San Antonio boasts the Southwest's first hypercoaster, the "Steel Eel", with its pulse-pounding, 15-story initial drop, speeds of almost 65 mph and non-stop peaks, valleys and camelbacks that create maximum "air time," or weightlessness - a hypercoaster's signature feature. This "eel-lectrifying," state-of-the-art coaster zooms along 3,700 feet of track and covers the serpentine route in two minutes.
Plunge down five stories not once, but twice on Texas Splashdown, the longest and tallest flume ride in the Lone Star State! Four-person boats take you through a twisting, turning half-mile route, which includes two steep drops and a panoramic view of SeaWorld San Antonio. It's filled with non-stop thrills and chills along the way!
Thrill to the awesome power and grace of world-famous Shamu and other killer whales in ‘The Shamu Adventure’ show! A two-story video screen and television cameras above and below water at 3,800-seat Shamu Stadium capture the exciting interaction between killer whales and their trainers. The show, hosted by world-renowned animal expert, Jack Hanna, gives guests the opportunity to witness the magnificent beauty of the park’s biggest star and experience such exotic locales as Alaska and Norway. During the high-energy water sessions, guest seated in the first 14 rows must be prepared to become splash victims. An interactive website www.Shamu.com highlights the breathtaking displays of grace and beauty during The Shamu Adventure. The website also showcases pictures of the audience that are sorted by date and show times.
Laugh along with comical sea lions Clyde and Seamore in "Fools With Tools," a hilarious show held at the Sea Lion, Walrus and Otter Stadium, that pokes fun at do-it-yourselfers. The tool-belt tenderfoots and sidekicks, including a mischievous Asian small-clawed otter and a hefty Pacific walrus, demonstrate how not to tackle plumbing, carpentry, wallpapering and other projects around the house. After the show, you can purchase trays of fish (for a nominal fee) and feed sea lions and seals in their nearby rocky coastal habitat.
Shamu stars in a brand-new evening show, "Shamu Rocks Texas," featuring eye-popping special effects, electrifying music and amazing killer whale behaviors. Other "Summer Nights" highlights include the hilarious and comical sea lion show, "Sea Lions Tonight!," starring Clyde and Seamore.
A new addition to the park's 2004 season is a new evening show at the Meadow Theater. The as-yet unnamed show will showcase the talents of young adults in a contemporary festival-like setting. The new show, scheduled to premiere June 11, will feature recently-graduated students of the Circus Smirkus program. The Meadow Theater will be transformed inside and out into a contemporary, colorful version of a "big top"; surprise additions to the outside of the theater will lead guests into this new experience. Circus Smirkus is a non-profit organization based in Vermont, that provides programs, education and international exchanges for youth interested in the circus tradition. Since 1987, their "troupers," who range in age from 10-18, have traveled, presented school programs, camps and tours as well as assisted in raising more than $1 million for charitable groups.
The White Whale and Dolphin Stadium comes alive with the revolutionary "Viva!" show. This colorful production features professional high divers, aerialists and synchronized swimmers performing with the acrobats of the sea, Pacific white-sided dolphins and beautiful beluga whales, all against a dramatic backdrop of water screens, waterfalls and fountains. It's the first of its kind at any SeaWorld Adventure Park.
Check out the rock-and-rollers on water skis as they fly across the Water Ski Lake during the Rockin' Ski Party show, which includes daredevil feats performed to the sounds of rock-and-roll music.
SeaWorld San Antonio’s newest 4-D attraction, Sea Star Theater, presents “R.L. Stine’s Haunted Lighthouse,” a film based on an original story written by R.L. Stine, author of the popular children’s book series, “Goosebumps” and “Nightmare Room.” The film is projected by four cameras operating simultaneously to create the three-dimensional feel of the film. Nine audio channels project surround-sound inside the building and theater-goers don 3-D glasses to maximize visual effects. The theater seats also have speakers and the capacity to shoot air and water during the “haunting” adventure. The film stars Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean and Lea Thompson

Sea World
10500 Seaworld Drive
San Antonio, TX
Sea World – We MUST make this departure time in order to have travel time to dinner. Plan your activities to start in the back of the park and work your way forward so that you can be at the front gate on time. Roll check will be taken on the bus but we cannot leave until you arrive. Be on time if not early.
8:30pm approximate – Be on the bus for departure.
Magic Time Machine is our dinner stop. This restaurant is a great place for fun and food. We will have the opportunity to eat in several theme areas. You might have dinner in the Bat Cave with Bat Girl as your server. You could also eat dinner in the forest with Robin Hood. The cast and crew of the Magic Time Machine include many of your favorite television stars. Some of the waiters include Spiderman, Xena the Warrior Princess and Ace Ventura just to name a few. Be prepared for fun. The “Potty Patrol” is ready to help. Your meal for the evening is the “Roman Orgy” which is a feast of all types of food served in large platters. Even the Bass section will be full. The meal cost is included. Any specialty drinks or special deserts are your cost. Be sure to take your camera.
Magic Time Machine
3520 Crownhill Blvd
San Antonio, TX 78209
(210) 828-1470
Return to the hotel – Go to the bus for roll check and departure after the end of a long day.
Curfew and Room Checks – You are to be in your room at this time. A male and female director will come to your door to check your room. We will want to see each and every roommate in person. Failure to be in your room at this time will result in your immediate removal from this trip. We will call your parents and at your expense you will be placed on the next available flight home.  Tomorrow is our departure for home. It is time to pack your room. You will be on a tight schedule in the morning. When you leave the room tomorrow, have your luggage ready for loading and the room cleaned for departure


Sunday April 25, 2004
Wake Call – You should now be up and moving. If you are not already awake, you can expect a tuneful call and a gentle knock at your door. Mr. Few will encourage you to awaken to start the day in his own special way. Now is the time to pack EVERYTHING from your room. You may also go to breakfast and prepare for the day’s activities. When will load the bus, we will NOT return to the hotel. Pack for the ride home. We will not have the ability to unpack the bus so put everything you want for the ride home in the bus with you.
Depart from Hotel – All rooms must be checked by chaperones prior to departure. All luggage must be stored for travel. Please keep the materials you need for the day. We will travel to historic downtown San Antonio.
Travel and Arrival at Riverwalk  – This is our last stop on the trip. Here you can travel up and down the river or shop in the outstanding Rivercenter Mall. This is the time for you to eat, shop and see the historic area. The Alamo is within walking distance as is the Ripley’s Wax Museum and many fun places to eat and relax. You might also want to go to the IMAX in the mall. The shows only last about 30 minutes and it is a cool place to rest also. The Rivercenter Mall opens at 12noon so you should plan your exploring first and plan to eat or shop in Mall last. Listed below are several links for the various River Walk area and activities.
IMAX - http://www.imax-sa.com/
The RiverWalk - http://www.spotlightworld.com/tx/sat/riverwalk/rivercenter/
River Center Mall - http://WWW.SHOPRIVERCENTER.COM/
RiverCenter Shopping Ideas

Dillard’s 227-4343
Foley’s 554-6806
American Eagle Outfitters August Max Woman 223-3244
Casual Corner 224-2023
Chico’s 227-5954
Express 227-9547
Forever 21 227-0036
Gadzooks 223-4224
The Gap 222-9581
Hot Topic
Pac Sun 223-1909
Petite Sophisticate 227-1610
Victoria’s Secret 224-7072
Wet Seal 226-6481
American Eagle Outfitters Big Dog Sportswear 222-9590
Champs Sports 271-3519
Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop Destination San Antonio
The Gap 222-9581
Hot Topic
Pac Sun 223-1909
Structure/Express Men
Gap Kids 229-9339
Gymboree 271-9518
Limited Too 271-9336
The Disney Store 227-3202
American Eagle Outfitters
Big Dog Sportswear 222-9590
Boot Hill 223-6634
Champs Sports 271-3519
Destination San Antonio
The Gap 222-9581
Pac Sun 223-1909
Claire’s 222-1005
Icing 224-9663
Sporting Eyes 226-3942
Sunglass Hut 223-2427
Watch Station 527-1984
Bag ‘N Pack
The Land Shop 226-5263
Harris Jewelry 225-8955
Kay Jewelers 224-1233
Rivercenter Jewelers 226-7786
Aerosoles 354-1840
American Eagle Outfitters Birkenstock General Store Boot Hill 223-6634
Champs Sports 271-3519
Foot Locker 226-8383
Jarman 222-8480
Journey’s 354-1836
Super Foot Action 271-7530
Wet Seal 226-6481
Animal Mania 226-9833
Bath & Body Works 212-8426
Be-Bops 476-0222
Best of San Antonio 227-9020
Blum Street Cellars 222-2586
Boot Hill 223-6634
Candleman 354-2294
Cats Cats Cats 227-0301
Champs Sports 271-3519
Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop The Disney Store 227-3202
The Drugstore 886-0857
Earthbound Trading Co. Flag World 229-1935
KB Toys 224-4377
Latin Gold Cigar Magic World
Magnetism 224-2045
Primarily Purple 224-8373
The Reservation 226-0935
Rivercenter Drugstore 299-1383
Sanrio Surprises 224-5809
Tabasco Country
Texas Treasures
Trade Secret 223-9222
American Greetings 271-7330
Brentano’s Books 223-3938
Candleman 354-2294
Heritage Gift Shop 225-4652
Bath & Body Works 212-8426
Foxy Nails 227-9600
GNC 224-5220
Heavenly Hands 222-0573
Perfumeria 226-4445
Regis Hairstylists 226-1000
Style America 224-7975
Trade Secret 223-9222
Victoria’s Secret 224-7072
Brookstone 222-8667
Electronics Boutique 224-4412
Harris Jewelry 225-8955
Sam Goody Music/Suncoast Video 212-8406
Cunningham Research Guaranty Federal Bank Image Shots 212-7731
Military Service Organization Planet Wireless 444-0227
Ritz Camera 354-0094
Coming Soon
Texas Wireless
Just Opened
Hot Topic
Making History

RiverCenter Food Ideas

A&W All-American Food
Auntie Anne’s Pretzels
Big Easy Cajun
Cento & Fanti
Dairy Queen
Fruity Affair
Great American Cookie Co.
Great Wraps
Le Petit Bistro
Marble Slab Creamery
Sbarro’s Italian Eatery
Side Wok Café
Smoothie King
Steak Escape
Sweet Factory
Luciano’s Ristorante Italiano
Morton’s, The Steakhouse
Steers & Beers
Tony Roma’s Ribs

Depart from San Antonio  – Be on the bus and ready to depart. We will pick the exact spot for departure depending the bus parking available. We certainly do not want to search for anyone at this point. Please be sure that you always travel in groups. Be sure you have eaten and finished shopping. We must depart on time so please keep any eye on the time and your location. My plan is for us to depart from the back-side of the Mall. This is side of the Mall closest to the Menger hotel and the Alamo. We will give you EXACT directions when we arrive in downtown.
5:30pm approximate –
            Arrive at Brazoswood – Clean the bus of EVERYTHING. This includes your stuff and especially your trash. We hope you had a happy and safe trip. Pending any stops and traffic problems, we should arrive home in plenty of time for you to rest for the next day as well as complete any homework. You should thank your bus drivers and chaperones for their help and say a special thank you to your parents for allowing you to make this trip. It is also typical for us to take up a gratuity for the bus drivers. I suggest you put a little money aside for that gift. Remember that you will have a phone available for you to call home.
The following information is designed to augment the basic guidelines covered in the student handouts and the itinerary supplied to each of you. The first and most important thing to say to each of the adults making this tour is THANK YOU in advance for the task you are about to undertake. The students may forget to express their appreciation for the many things you will be doing for them, but on behalf of all of us, we want you to know that you are appreciated, and we know that we could not make this trip without you.
I. Use good solid judgment when a student asks permission to do something. We would prefer that students not be allowed opportunities to deviate from the scheduled tour activities, and in this city they certainly should not be allowed to do any activity without the company of fellow students and a chaperone. It is fine to trust our students (within the specific limits), yet you should always be careful and keep a close watch and report to Mr. Few the specific activity you feel is questionable with the name of the student or students involved in this specific activity. A chaperone’s main responsibility is the safety of the students, and secondly to help the tour flow smoothly so that we all can enjoy this trip.
We will ask the chaperones to work as hall monitors in the evenings and nights while on this trip. Each chaperone will be given a specific number of hours that they will guard the hallways to insure the safety of the students throughout the night. This is not a change from the standard operating procedure for this organization. It is typical for Mr. Few to walk the halls throughout the night on every trip we make; however, since we will be gone for multiple days, we will also use chaperones to augment this activity.
A chaperone must stay with a student who is ill even if that causes their tour group to miss an activity. (If we must deal with an ill student, contact Mr. Few, and we will assign your group to another adult).
II. A chaperone can delegate authority not responsibility. We are all responsible for small group role call and for providing for the needs of our students. Chaperones will be assigned to help: guard luggage, load buses, move students, inspect rooms for plumbing problems or damage, and to help students with minor medical and/or personal problems.
III. No one will at any time change instructions or tour plans from those given by Mr. Few, except to protect a person’s life. Chaperones will not give students “special permission” for anything. Guidelines are created for ALL students, without exception. Other adults on this trip may be asked to give assistance to their tour group by the designated chaperone, but it remains the responsibility of the designated school chaperone to assign duties as needed.
IV. ALL DISCIPLINE PROBLEMS must be reported to Mr. Few with full details. In the event of a late night minor discipline problem, get the student’s name and refer the incident to Mr. Few the next morning. In the event of a major problem, contact Mr. Few immediately.
V. Make a roll check BEFORE leaving any stop and before releasing the students to begin any activity. Explain the purpose of the activity, territorial limits and when to be back at the meeting place (pick one before you release the students).
VI. Discourage any rude, crude or unacceptable actions by stating: “This is not considered proper conduct on this trip.” You might remind them that a student will be sent home for bad conduct as well as for breaking any trip rule.
VII. Students are not to leave the tour or associate with any person who is not part of this tour. This is essential for the student’s safety. Since San Antonio also functions as a tourist city, students are encouraged to be courteous to the new people they may meet. Students should remain aware of their surroundings and the people around them. Law enforcement officials advise us that the best way to discourage problems from outsiders is for the student to remain alert and make eye contact.
Students should be reminded that they will meet or at least see people from other cultures and parts of our country. They should be reminded that not all people are as gracious and friendly as their Clute or Lake Jackson neighbors. Some cultures believe that instant familiarity is inappropriate. Students should remember a “cold” or “business-like” response from a person is fairly typical in larger cities and should be expected.
VIII. We are not anticipating any major problems on this tour; however, as chaperones, you should be aware that we are traveling with students at varying levels of social maturity. We are traveling with students who could be classified as very young Seniors through students who are very mature Freshmen. Activities to watch out for (and which are not allowed) might include:
1. Breaking curfew by leaving a room through the door or window. They might also attempt to bring other people into their rooms. {Penalty - students out of their assigned rooms go home on the first offense at the parent’s expense - no exceptions will be allowed. Report the incident to Mr. Few}.
            2. Students using substances not approved by school policy (including smoking).
            {Penalty - student goes home at parent’s expense}.
            3. Attempting to lose the chaperone or evade the rules. {Penalty - Student goes home}.
4. Being late to a meeting point or otherwise abusing the schedule. {Penalty - first offense will result in a personal chaperone for the rest of the tour. Second offense and the student goes home}.
            5. Theft of any type {Penalty - student goes home}.
6. Sexual misconduct - Most of our students are normal outgoing teenagers who will probably make new “friends” on this trip. “Trip relationships” are to be discouraged because they sometimes lead to inappropriate behavior. {Penalty - students go home}.
7. Failure of any student to be less than the best representative of our school for reasons of conduct. {Penalty - students are reported to Mr. Few for discipline which might range from verbal correction to being sent home depending on the severity of the incident and the students willingness to accept correction}.
IX. In as much as we will be depending on each of you for the guidance and care of these students, please remember that it is Mr. Few who holds the final legal responsibility for this trip. Please do not make any decisions that directly affect the welfare or discipline of these students without having the specific permission of Mr. Few. Do NOT “protect” any student by not reporting even minor violations of the rules.
You are instructed to report any conduct or activity of a questionable nature when it occurs. Waiting for two weeks after we return from the trip to question something that you believe was improper is not helpful. While the school will punish students for wrong doing whenever it is discovered, it is legally more difficult to prosecute activities that are not reported as they occur. You are instructed to inform Mr. Few whenever you have a question.
You are further instructed to not make generalizations about student conduct such as “they all were doing activity XXXX.” Instead, you should make a specific comment about a specific student or students. Again, generalizations are difficult to correct or verify and usually end up condemning good students for activities in which they did not participate.
X. Chaperones should pack an emergency kit which might include: Female health items, notepads, pencils, small flashlight, Murine, aspirin, safety pins, needle and black thread, bandages, masking tape, ammonia, motion sickness pills, paper and plastic bags, bug spray, Band-aides.
Again, thank you for your hard work and help. We will have a great trip if you will keep your eyes open and communicate your desires to your group at all times.
Mr. Butch Broom is the chaperone organizer. He will contact you prior to our departure to confirm your bus and duty assignments. We will be traveling with a number of chaperones, typically including parents, a school official and several teachers. The trip will run smoothly as long as we all follow the trip as described.
It is Mr. Few’s responsibility to make any alterations to the trip timeline. The responsibility of a chaperone is to ease the flow of the trip not rewrite the schedule to meet their personal taste. This trip is scheduled with activities to fill every moment. We will all enjoy this experience as long as we remember that there are bunches of Indians and helpers but only one chief. Do not alter the rules of the trip. Ask before giving permission for any activity that might involve the students.
Please remember that this is a school trip. No substances or alcohol may be used or ordered by any member of this trip. This includes students, adults, chaperones and directors. We are all bound by the same rules that govern students during trips
Student Rules and Information
Brazoswood Choir Trip
Students must have all payments made and paperwork complete in order to make this trip. Students who fail to return their medical forms will NOT be allowed to enter the bus. Cancellations involve financial penalties. It is very important that the student communicate their intentions in writing at the earliest possible date. Reservations made on their behalf usually are not refundable.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: As is typical of all major trips sponsored by the choir, we will always provide the maximum amount of safety in our travels. In order to provide a trip that is as free of illegal substances as possible, ALL luggage making the trip with us may be examined by police dogs trained to detect drugs, alcohol and other substances. ANY item traveling with us will be subject to inspection. Additionally, we will be traveling with both school officials from our school system. This is fair warning for you to leave all illegal substances at home. If you or your luggage is found to have these substances, you will be arrested and prosecuted to the full ability of our school system and the local authorities. Do not make a bad decision that will ruin your school year. Do not bring forbidden substances or items on this trip.
These are the anticipated trip activities. Some locations and descriptions may change as the trip develops and as availability allows but the general structure will be as follows:
I.     Housing:
A. Quality Inn – Located in San Antonio, Texas at 6023 H10 West. The phone number is (210) 736-1900. This hotel is perfectly located for our touring purposes. The hotel includes free full breakfast buffet, fitness center, outdoor pool, and game room. The rooms also have televisions and telephones.
B. Behavior:
1. You must stay in groups of at least THREE persons when you are touring. You are to remain with your tour groups at all other times. Dallas is a city that requires us to exercise at least a fair amount of safety when traveling at day or night.  Watch out for each other and stay together. Do not travel outside of the hotel after dark. There will be NO unchaperoned sightseeing on this trip.
            2. No girls in the guys rooms or guys in the girls rooms.
            3. No swapping of rooms or roommates after the final list has been posted.
4. CURFEW - Be in the room with NO excessive noise. Once your room is sealed, you may not leave the room except in the case of emergency. You may visit in the lobby until then. You may not leave your room after curfew except in extreme emergency and then only to see a chaperone. ROOM CHECKS WILL BE MADE.
            5. LIGHTS OUT - NO Lights, NO noise, GO TO SLEEP!
6. OUTSIDE PHONE CALLS, MOVIES and ROOM SERVICE -    ABSOLUTELY NONE!! - No phone calls will be made to locations outside of the hotel from your room. The rooms are paid for so no charges should be made to your room. Use the pay phones in the lobby to call home.  The phones are located near the front desk so they are safe for you to use during your free time.
7. REMEMBER - You are a guest in this hotel, BUT you are not the only guest in this hotel. Respect the rights of others. Any damage to the hotel, bus, or your room will be charged to the individuals responsible. If no blame can be assigned, the entire room and/or group will be held responsible and required to pay BEFORE we leave (even if that means we must call your parents to have money sent to pay for your damages).
8. WARNING - Room checks can and will be made at various times throughout the day and evening hours. Do not engage in any activities that will get you in trouble. Be a happy and safe camper and you will live long and prosper.
9. NEVER tell anyone your name and especially not where you are staying! We once had a student who gave that information to a guy who after a night of drinking showed up at our hotel and began banging on her door trying to get in so that he could “party with her and her roommates.” The police arrested the guy and the girl spent the rest of the trip with a chaperone has her personal roommate. Do not even give someone the phone number to the hotel. All the person has to do is call the number and ask for directions to the hotel.
II. MONEY - You will need spending money for various items of personal expense. These items might include: Change for the hotel Coke machine, Money for extra rides, games and food, Money for extra fast food or pizza, Money for extra drinks during the tour, Money for gifts from the local tourist traps, etc. Remember not to carry large amounts of cash... Use small denomination traveler’s checks or give some of your money to your group leader or check your extra money at the hotel desk. As we go through the trip outline, we will list approximate cost for items for which you are responsible.
A. Travelers Checks - Remember these items about these checks:
1. Always keep your receipt and a second copy of this receipt in a different location (You will need this information if the checks are lost).
2.  Always use a well known brand of traveler’s checks such as “American Express.” While “Billy Bob’s” travelers checks are also probably good and well excepted, they are harder to get replaced while on a trip.
3.  You should only get checks in smaller denominations such as $20.00 units. It is safer not to carry or flash large amounts of real cash.
4.  Do not keep all of your money in the same place. Extra money may be given to a chaperone or checked a the hotel desk. DO NOT leave money in your room or even in a suitcase.
B. Pictures & Souvenirs - Every place we are going will have a gift shop that features T-Shirts and gifts. Many times it is easier to purchase a book or package of post cards about a specific place than it is to take pictures. You are encouraged to bring a camera to capture candid shots in the hotel or outside or of your friends. Also as the tour progresses, sights tend to blur together. Sometimes it is easier to buy something that is already labeled with a description.
C. Food Money - My first suggestion to you would be to encourage you to pack snack foods in your luggage. You WILL want junk food late at night. Bring it with you. Also, many of you only eat a light breakfast. You may wish to save money by packing those kinds of foods also. You will want to bring spending money for any stops we may make along our bus trip. We will only be stopping at fast food places.
Soft drinks in a hotel can also be expensive. For example, the Hilton in San Antonio charges $2.50 for a coke from the machine. I would suggest you either bring lots of change or pack non-carbonated drinks in your luggage. (Remember - seal any liquids that you pack in plastic bags. You would hate for it to explode or leak all over your luggage). Most of your meals will be of the fast food variety and you should expect the cost to be similar to a local restaurant. Unfortunately, I must warn you about the theme parks. For some reason, food at any park is unreasonably expensive. You will spend some time at multiple parks on this trip. I would suggest that you bring a snack with you and expect anything you buy there to be over priced.
Malibu Castle is a combination attraction. These activities are located at 3330 Cherry Ridge San Antonio, Texas 78230. The phone number is 210-341-6663. Malibu Castle contains an 18 hole miniature golf course, batting cages, game rooms, sprint cars and bumper boats.  With our exclusive fun package we have unlimited everything and video games set to free play.  This will be a very enjoyable event.
Quality Inn - San Antonio, is our hotel for the trip. When we arrive at the hotel, the first person listed on every room will pick up your room keys. You will need to keep the noise to a minimum. I would suggest that you visit with your roommates ahead of time and determine what items of food and articles such as irons to bring. Remember the rule of travel... “You bring it.... You carry it.” If we are able, you will be allowed to take advantage of the hotel’s pool and facilities during some of our evening hours.
Remember that we are guests in this hotel but not the only guests. Part of the opportunity to use their pool will be based on your behavior. If the hotel gets reports from other guests, they will not allow us to have extra freedom. Your hotel will also provide a free full breakfast each morning so please awaken early enough to enjoy this benefit.
Magic Time Machine is our special dinner activity.  Here students will enjoy and interactive meal with the “stars”.  The price of dinner is already included in your trip cost.  Our meal for the evening will be the Roman Orgy which will be served by a young Roman God.  The cast and crew of the Magic Time Machine include many of your favorite television stars.  Some being Spiderman, Xena the Warrior Princess, I Dream of Jeannie, Sylvester the Cat, and Ace Ventura, just to name a few.    
Shopping Mall is our dinner stop for fun and adventure. You will have time to shop and eat on your own. We will meet after dinner for the return trip to our hotel for a well-earned rest. You, of course, are to remain in the Mall area. As is typical of all of our trip events, you should not “hang-out” with people who not part of our trip. NEVER tell anyone your name and especially not where you are staying! We will be exploring Antonio as well as North Star Mall that has over 200 stores for your shopping pleasure.
River Walk San Antonio is our last stop for our trip. There you can travel up and down the river walk or shop in the outstanding mall. This is the time for you to eat at any of the restaurants available.
Our Concert Performance is scheduled at Texas State University in historic San Marcos, Texas.  We will be a clinic with Dr. Joey Martin of the Texas State School of Music.  This will be an interesting experience for all ages.  High school students will get to see how the college life differs from the one they are used to now and see how college classes are taught.  We will sing for them and they will hopefully perform for us
Fiesta Texas located at I-10 West Loop 1604 San Antonio, Texas. The phone number is 210-697-5050.  We will have a complete day of touring the park. You will eat lunch with a meal ticket that will be provided to you at the arrival of the park.  It will have a list of items to eat and where your can eat.  Plan your time to include the attractions that interest you. The lines for the rides will be long. You should plan for lots of Sun and walking. I would suggest you plan for hot weather.  We will provide a pocket map for you on the day of this attraction. If you have not been to Fiesta in a few years, I would suggest that you visit their web sites and plan your day to include the activities you wish to see. You can count on the park being crowded. Remember to bring some money for locker rental. You will want to store extra clothes or towels. As always, remember to communicate if you need help or if you get too hot. Remember soft drinks do not keep you cool. Drink water!
Sea World San Antonio located 10500 Sea World Drive.  The phone number is 210-523-3000.
Here the students will be able to ride the exciting roller coasters and interact with Shamu and the other tiny water creatures.  This park also includes numerous visual fascinating shows.  Lunch will be provided through the meal tickets that will be given to you at the arrival of the park. 
In general, I have seen kids bring as much as $200.00 or as little as $40.00 on this type of trip. You can eat on $8.00 to $20.00 a day depending on your needs. I would suggest that you bring a little gift money and remember that Mr. Few will have extra money with him if something comes up.
A. Souvenirs - Read the trip itinerary and try to plan your spending ahead of time. Remember that luggage grows. Do not buy more than you can carry or pack in your luggage.
B. Luggage - Although we are traveling on a bus, we still would like for you to limit your baggage to ONE large bag and a second smaller bag or garment bag. It is also wise to pack a nylon collapsible bag inside of your main bag for the natural growth of your junk. Pack according to the length of our stay. Don’t bring your whole closet. I would like to remind you of these factors:
            1. You bring it... You carry it.
            2. Luggage grows... With your gifts you may have two bags by the time you return.
            3. Make-up cases count as baggage.
4. Just because your clothes all fit neatly in your suitcase when you left town, does not guarantee they will all fit when you return.
            5. This is a tour... nobody cares if you wear the same jeans twice.
6. A good general rule is to pack in advance then remove about half of what you previously over packed.
            7. Share items like irons, curling irons, etc.
C. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages, drugs or tobacco are allowed on school trips. If you are taking prescription medication, please let your sponsor know before we leave on the trip. The preferred method is by written note from your parents.
D. Follow all directions given by chaperones.
E. All school rules apply during this trip. Violation of trip rules may cause the trip to be canceled at any point in the tour with the entire group returning home.
F. Use only school approved transportation. Do not ever get in a private car or taxi during a school trip.
G. Girls (or Guys) keep up with your purses.
H. LAW - Be aware that if you become in trouble with the law, your parents will receive a collect call from the director. Also realize that any major rules infraction will result in you being sent home at your parent’s expense and that other action will occur when you return to school.
I. The Hotel, attractions, wildlife, etc. are not to be abused in any way.
J. Weapons of battle and mischief - Water pistols, sling shots, confetti, balloons, fireworks, and anything else of this nature should be left at home. If you bring them, we will confiscate them and destroy them. DO NOT prepare a war-chest for this trip. Major infractions of this rule will result in a chaperone becoming your roommate or you will be sent home.
K. Tag all of your luggage (purses also) with your name and hotel both inside and out.
L. If an emergency occurs, do not panic! Contact Mr. Few and your group       leader. We can solve almost any problem - Communicate!!!
M. Follow school dress code at all times. Wear nothing that is of questionable taste. Be prepared for rain, bugs or lots of Sun and walking. Dress for the weather. Watch the weather channel for additional information and forecasts. You WILL be outside on this trip. Be prepared to dress in layers that you can remove as the temperature changes. You will not be able to run back to the hotel during the day and there is no bus to leave things on. If you wear something that does not pass inspection, you will be required to change. Swimsuits must be conservative in style. A good rule to follow is that if you can store your clothes in a zip-lock bag… THEY ARE NOT APPROPRIATE. Conservative clothing is expected. Uncovered bikini tops are NOT acceptable as dress code for Fiesta or Sea World (this includes guys also).
N. This is a school-sponsored trip. Exemplary conduct is expected at all times.
O. Transportation will be by chartered bus from Coach USA.
Please note:
We reserve the right to alter or cancel without financial refund the events listed on this outline due to circumstances beyond our control. Examples of these circumstances might include but are not limited to the following:
1.     Weather
2.     Activity Location Issue
3.     Student Illness or Injury
4.     Transportation Issues
5.     Police Action
6.     School District Action
7.     Student Safety
8.     Director’s decision to insure student safety and/or trip scheduling.


What to bring list....
___________       Choir Shirt and Jeans (MUST WEAR ON FRIDAY)
___________       Walking Shoes
___________       Jeans and/or Shorts and Comfortable Clothes
___________       One hair dryer per room
___________       Rain Gear
___________       Personal items (Toothbrush, Comb, Makeup)
___________       One suitcase and small bag
___________       Camera and film
___________       Money for meals, games and souvenirs
___________       Flash light
___________       Alarm Clock
___________       Choir Folder and Music
___________       FOOD for your room and the bus ride
___________       Sun Screen
___________       Student ID card
___________       Money/Travelers Checks                   
___________       Pillow and Blanket for the bus
___________       Light and/or Heavy Jacket
___________       Clean G or similar movies for the bus
___________       Change of clothes for the paintball activity
___________       Swimsuit and cover up garments
___________       Money for a $2.00 for the bus driver’s tip.
Final room and bus lists will be published later in the week.
If you bring music for listening, bring headphones also.