This is a receipt that the donor may use for a tax deduction.


This is the door prize section. When completed and submitted, the ticket holder will be entered in various drawings at the Mall. It is my understanding that the ticket can be submitted prior to the event. The holder can take the ticket to the Mall.


The remaining sections are given to the customer. This top section is the actual ticket. It is this portion that will be used to gain admission to the event. The Mall will issue a wristband on the day of the event. It is this band that will give the ticket holder the various discounts offered by the Mall stores.


Keep this section. This is the portion of the ticket you must turn in with your money and/or any unsold tickets. Put your ³Name² and ³Brazoswood Choir² in the blanks.


This fund raising event is a great way to earn credit for your trip account. For every ticket sold, you will get the full $5.00 credit. This is a 100% fund raising event. You cannot do any better. The Mall is sponsoring this event to help local groups. Please remember to say, ³Thank You!² whenever you see a Mall manager or employee.


Tickets are available in the choir room. You may check out as many as you wish. The unsold tickets and money must be returned. You will sign the ticket packets out. The tickets are in packets of ten. You are financially responsible for their safe keeping and return.