Les Miserables Complete Cast

(in order of appearance)


Chain Gang- All Men

Jean Valjean- Zack Kibodeaux

Javert- Will Hearn


Convict 1- Callan Edquist

Convict 2- Samuel Larson

Convict 3- Phillip White

Convict 4- Jason Ristich

Convict 5- Richard Castello



Guard 1- Thomas Owsley

Guard 2- Chase Floyd

Guard 3- Nelson Royalty

Guard 4- Brian Gore


Constable 1- Steve Qin

Constable 2- Mark Bressler


Farmer- Katie Hearn

Labourer- Tony Wise


Bishop- Jarrod Manning

Sister- (NS) Sesalle Scott

Servant- (NS) Chelsea Doerr


Foreman- Aubrey Littlefield

Worker 1- Bradley Mack

Worker 2- Jeff Speer

Woman- Caitlin Gibson

Girl 1- Natalie Rojas

Girl 2- Kara Lermon

Girl 3- Jackie Cruz

Girl 4- Annie Johnson

Girl 5- Capri Smith

Fantine- Taylor Castello


Sailor 1- Nick Loving

Sailor 2- Trent Miles

Sailor 3- Elliot Comeaux

Lovely Lady 1- Capri Smith

Lovely Lady 2- Lindsey McCrery

Lovely Lady 3- Kelli Fedorchak

Lovely Lady 4- Ashley Farrar

Lovely Lady 5- Daneiva Lovett

Lovely Lady 6- Heather Socha

Patron 1- Nelson Royalty

Old Woman- Ashley Massie


Madame- Krista McConnell


Bamatbois- Tony Hughes


Bystander 1 (NS)- Sarah Daugherty

Bystander 2 (NS)- Angela Wright

Bystander 3 (NS)- Kimberly Leininger

Onlooker 1- Sarah Reed

Onlooker 2- Heather Williams

Onlooker 3- Ashley Massie

Onlooker 4- Shelley Gilliam


Fauchelevant- Erin Vonderheide



Judge 1- Sam Larson

Judge 2- Trent Miles

Judge 3- Zach Long

Valjean Clone- Thomas Owsley

Cosette Clone- Madalyn Hyland

Mrs. Valjean Clone- Carmen Kowalski


Nun 1- LaQwen Nichols

Nun 2- Angela Saunders


Little Cosette- Cameron Dunn

Madam Thenardier- Megan Stump

Thenardier- Greg Essington

Young Eponine- Halley Richardson


Gavroche- Carly Roye


Enjolras- Manuel Santos

Marius- Jordan Davis

Urchin- Halley Richardson


Eponine- Morgan Self


(ABC Boys)

Combeferre- Callan Edquist

Feuilly- Alan Lee

Courfeyac- Thomas Owsley

Joly- Elliot Comeaux

Grantaire- Tony Hughes


Cosette- Mary Grace Bayer


(Thenardier Gang)

Montparnasse- Aubrey Littlefield

Babet- Phillip White

Brujon- Corey Davey

Claquesos- Kevin Sayes


Army Officer (Tenor Off Stage)- Rodrick Washington


(ABC Boy)

Prouvaire- Tony Wise


(ABC Boys)

Lesgles (Tenor)- Jarrod Manning

Sentry 1 (Spoken)- Sam Larson

Sentry 2 (Spoken)- Phillip White

Sentry 3- Mark Bressler


Woman 1- Amy Ridley

Woman 2- Katie Hughes

Woman 3- Michelle Pierini

Woman 4- Carmen Kowalski

Woman 5- Amy Edwards

Woman 6- Natalie Woolsey

Woman 7- Christina Pena

Woman 8- Madalynn Hyland

Woman 9- Karla Kowalski

Woman 10- Amanda Jones

Woman 11- Allanakeish Williams

Woman 12- Jennifer Bond

Woman 13- Hattie Butler


Major Domo (Spoken)- Kyle Giese


Chorus Members-

Cart Watchers- Partial Chorus

Inn People- All Chorus

Workers- All Chorus

ABC Townspeople- All Chorus

Barricade Townspeople- Partial Chorus

Prisoners- All Men


Farmers- Girls

1- Christy Tomlin

2- Mallory Mourot

3- Megan Dornburg

4- Nina Alborzi

5- Sarah Reed


Wedding Guests- Girls/Guys

1- Rachel Richardson

2- Whitney Runnels

3- Caitlin Gibson

4- Belinda Lee

5- Angela Wright

6- Krista McConnell

7- Nelson Royalty

8- Steve Qin

9- Brian Gore

10- Chase Floyd

11- Corey Davey

12- Jason Ristich


The entire choir will supply the chorus and be on stage in all group scenes. Every member is a participating and singing person in this cast. Even if you have some other named part, you will be on stage for the group numbers. A person who has a small solo is also a member of all chorus scenes NOT just their solo part.


There will still be other smaller groups added once we are in blocking. This set, your costume and the general need of the scene will decide how many bodies are on stage at any given moment. Due to the possiblillity of illness or failure, we strongly encourage you to learn other parts. Be flexible and involved and you will have a lifetime memory.