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Brazoswood High School Choir

Welcome To Our Choir Home
We invite you to visit our site
to see all our current choir activities and our archives for the rich history of the Brazoswood Choir.

Spring Concert 2018


Region Choir Pictures 2017

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Region Choir 2017

(Flickr Mobile App Available)

About Us Brazoswood HS has a long tradition of educating students at the highest level. This page also contains an article about our principal. This page is also a great place to learn and sing along with our school song and fight song. GO BRAZOSWOOD!!! Click on the link to read about our school's history.

CALENDAR - 2017-2018

Throughout the year we will add choir and school events to this calendar page. There is both an online and printable version of our monthly events. Click the link icon.

PICT - Choir History

Choir has been an important part of Brazoswood from its opening day. This archive has pictures of choirs since the school opened. Please check out the hair styles and you might even find your parent or relative. Click the link icon.

STUDENT - Accounts

You may view your most recent account statement by clicking on the Accounts button. Your school student ID number is your password. Click the link icon.

STUDENT - Music Practice

Brazoswood students can use this link to study classroom instructional materials. Only currently enrolled members of the organization will have access.

STUDENT - Theory

The best way to improve your music skills and placement in choir is through study and preparation. This link provides all types of technical study in music as well as an online practice piano.

TMEA - Sightreading

Practice your TMEA sightreading with these examples from past contests. Remember that your audition requires sightreading. This skill is worth 20% of your score. Click the link icon!

Contact Us

We are here to help. Here is a link for our contact information. Please feel free to send us an email with a kind word or ask a question. By helping each other, our choir will be the BEST. Click the link icon.

Directions to Brazoswood

Driving Directions to Brazoswood High School. Just fill in your address. Click the link icon.